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Ocean Reef Aria Full-Face Snorkel Mask Review

In this review, we will be discussing the Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask.

This is one of many underwater products in the popular Neptune series. There’s no fogging, no flooding, and you’re able to breathe through your mouth and nose with ease.  

Perfect for people who are just entering into the underwater world of snorkelling.  

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Ocean Reef Company Background

best full face snorkel diving mask aria

Based out of San Marcos, California, Ocean Reef was officially born in 1993, and they have been a fixture of the international diving community ever since.  

It started like any ordinary business, with a lot of thought and determination.  

Mr. Gamberini, lived in Italy and was running a bicycle and car repair shop when he started manufacturing diving equipment in the 50’s.  

He also started synthesizing moulds to make diving mask straps, fins, and other diving products.

Ocean Reef has two facilities on two contents, one in Italy and the other in California, each with three manufacturing plants.  

From their cutting edge computer design and finest technology engineering, they’ve achieved comprehensive production which has led to the realization of equipment production and distribution.

The Ocean Reef Neptune System is a sophisticated, user-friendly, dependable system. Ocean Reef knows the importance of high quality, and quality training to fulfill professional needs.  

That’s why O.R. is always confident the products they deliver will get the job done.  And their fans agree!

Now that we’ve got a little bit of background, let’s once again turn our attention to the Ocean Reef Full Face Snorkel Mask.



  • Won’t fog.
  • Breathable through nose and mouth.
  • Wide vision to see the beauty of the underwater world.
  • No more water seeping through your mask.
  • No jaw pains due to the mouth piece on most snorkels.
  • Communication (optional)


  • It has a rare tendency to fog up, but is a well-made design for shallow diving.
  • It’s not recommended for people who like to free dive, because the pressure increases on your face.


A good investment?

This mask is highly recommended for anyone who likes to dive in shallow waters and watch the aquatic life below.  

The dry top attached above provides relief for divers, either when they go underwater, or are hit by a wave, as the top will block out water.  

The full-face mask design is made so your entire face stays dry, and the width it covers is great for scenic exploration, as you get a panoramic view.

I feel like this would be a great purchase for a family with children, who love to shallow dive and watch the fishes, or whatever they might see during a shallow dive in a lake or ocean.  

This is a great mask also for parents who  want to teach their kids how to dive.  

You’ve got to start somewhere when learning something like snorkelling or diving, and shallow diving is the first step before you get to the big leagues.

A full-face snorkel mask which has a reputation like the Aria here, is also great for anyone who has a tendency to panic underwater.  

Wearing one of these, will help make him/her a more confident ocean explorer, because it is comfortable, clear, and well constructed.

Watch this video to get better acquainted with Ocean Reef Aria full face snorkel mask.

Potential downsides

From the research I’ve done, I feel like this product is an 8-8.5/10.  It’s a very good design even with the minor flaws it has, so we can’t give it a perfect score, but it does rate highly.  

Things that not everyone thinks about, like the size and shape of your head, can be a factor in getting a mask that isn’t the miracle some people say it is.  

Yes, it is a good mask, but if it doesn’t fit your head properly, that’s not good!  That’s why, when buying this mask, you need to be aware of the size choices and choose wisely.

The Ocean Reef Aria doesn’t fog, and its breathing apparatus is effective, with the only complaint being that the inside of the mask can get hot at times, because the air doesn’t have any way of escaping.  

That said, this is not what most people say about the Aria – the vast majority find it very comfy, and say it’s the perfect mask.

What accessories it has

Aria is the only design made with a full line of accessories.

For over 20 years, Ocean Reef has had a primary goal which has been to focus on full face snorkels, and it has definitely succeeded.  

The accessories for Aria were made due to the potential this mask has, but you’ll have to shop around to get the full listing.

Camera Support Holder

Support designed to attach on top of your mask.  Additional chemical lights for a sunset session and marker wing for a funky, colorful look.


Marker Wings

Choose your color, with six options to pick from.  Once you’ve chosen your marker wing, and placed it onto your accessories holder, your camera support will turn into a selfie stick.  

Pretty neat eh?  If you choose the clear one you’ll get the chance to win – just kidding.  You’ll be able to insert a chemical light inside.

Mask Strap

Choose one out of the five options provided. 

Optical Lens Support

These are lightweight and strong.  These lenses are easily insertable and remove easily.  

They are optics- standard(not included) compatible with Aria(S/M-L/XL), SEA VU DRY snorkeling mask(S/M-L/XL), EASY BREATH (S/M-L/XL)and other full face masks along with IDMs.



The skirt is the part that runs around the entire mask, and because of its soft exterior, provides a waterproof barrier.  

It’s custom for all snorkels to have a silicon skirt which is much more comfortable, durable and effective.

Nose pocket

Every mask should include one.  They should normally be soft, made from silicone, penetrate the skeleton of the mask frame to allow convenience for you to pinch or block your nose.

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