Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Review

[simple-author-box] Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen is an effective sunscreen that delivers protection for over 4 hours in the sun.

It’s a broad spectrum sunscreen that absorbs certain rays of the sun while repelling others. It’s perfect when used for activities as well as a base level of protection each day you’re headed outside into the sun for any reason.

Feature Pick

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant And Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion With Broad Spectrum Spf 100+, 3 Fl Oz

Features of the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

  • SPF 100
  • Helioplex broad spectrum
  • Dry-touch technology
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Easy to apply
  • Water resistant
  • PABA free

Neutrogena Company

The company has been around since 1930 when the founder, Emanuel Stolaroff, produced specialty cosmetics. They started creating makeup for the film industry exclusively before marketing to the public.

It wasn’t until 1954 that the company started making the product they’re known for today. Neutrogena is known for its clear soap that leaves no residue.

The skin’s pH level returns to normal very quickly after washing with the soap.

The company didn’t start with the name Neutrogena, but once their soap became so wildly popular, they changed the name of the company.

It’s one of the best-known products for skin care and is the #1 recommended product by dermatologists.

Helioplex Broad Spectrum

When you’re purchasing a lotion to protect you from all the UV rays of the sun, you want one that will protect you as long as possible.

New sunblocks and sunscreens have a wide range of protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Unfortunately, every minute that the sun is beating down on your skin, it’s degrading your sun protection.

That’s why you have to apply sunblock so often throughout the day even if you are not sweating or swimming.

Helioplex provides longer protection that won’t break down in the sun. In most cases, sunscreen only lasts about 2 hours. You’ll have to reapply many times if you spend the day in the sun.

With Helioplex, the products will last 4 hours without needing to be reapplied.

SPF 100

The sun protection level of your sunscreen and sunblock should be as high as possible. An SPF level over 50 is recommended for those who will be spending a long time in the sun.

The number doesn’t mean you’ll get 100 percent protection. Over an SPF level of 50 will give you 98% protection from UVA and UVB rays depending on whether the lotion is broad spectrum like this one from Neutrogena.

Water Resistant

If you’re at the beach or pool swimming, you’ll need to reapply most sunscreens after each dip you take in the water. For those who are sweating from physical activity, they’ll have to reapply more frequently, too.

That’s not the case with formulas that are water resistant like this one. You don’t have to reapply every half hour to an hour even if you take a swim.

Most people burn when they’ve applied sunscreen because they didn’t reapply as often as necessary. To get full protection from the sun, you have to be vigilant about your application as the day progresses.


Many sunscreens and cosmetics have an ingredient called para-aminobenzoic acid. It’s not the best ingredient for some people who are sensitive to the ingredient. PABA is used in sunscreens to help absorb the sun’s UV rays.

It can cause allergic reactions like a skin rash or headaches. In some people, it can cause serious issues like liver damage over time.

It’s hard to know what impact it’ll have on your skin, so it’s best to look for products that advertise being PABA free. Companies are starting to replace the PABA in their products with something less dangerous to absorb the sun’s rays.

This Neutrogena product is PABA free, which is a feature that we love. It won’t cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Non-Oily Formula

When you’re applying sunscreen to your face, neck, arms, and legs each day, you want a product that won’t leave behind a greasy residue.

You want to protect your skin from the sun even if you aren’t spending the day at the beach. While it’s acceptable to be greasy when you’re at the beach, it’s not ideal when you’re heading to work, going shopping, or doing other activities.

This product is absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving behind an oily residue. It doesn’t weigh heavily on your skin, either. You don’t want to feel like you’re existing behind a film of sunscreen throughout the day.

This Neutrogena product is much like the soap. It’s doing great things to your skin like moisturizing without leaving behind a greasy film or shiny finish. It’ll leave your skin dry to the touch and won’t clog your pores, either.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen has an SPF of 100 for the best protection against UVA and UVB rays. It’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as well as dermatologists.

About the author: Sariya is our resident tanning expert.  Being Turkish, she has a tendency to tan easily, which she considers a blessing. At the same time, Sariya minored in chemistry, so, when it comes to various lotions and bronzers, Siriya knows a thing or two.  As much as she loves her tan, she knows that sun safety is also very important.