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Must Go Vacation Spots Around The World with BeachBabyBob

Beach Baby Bob Reports - Kelly's Beach in Kouchibouguac National Park New Brunswick Canada

Hi, my name is Robert Fox, AKA BeachBabyBob.  That’s me in the canoe over on the right!  I have travelled all over the world in my 70 years on this planet, and now I want to share some of my favourite must go vacation spots with you!  

And I want to introduce to you Susan (she’s in the video below), who is my lovely wife of 51 years and by some miracle has stuck by me all this time.  Maybe it’s because she loves swimming and the beach and so do I.  Here is one of our fav’s in the whole wide world …

Destiladeras Beach Mexico

(north of Puerto Vallarta about 30 minutes.)

•  wide

•  long

•  warm waters

•  clean banos

•  great food

•  umbrella tables

•  real grass

•  white sand

•  turquoise waters

•  whale watching

•  on the bus route

Ok, now you’ve seen some of my adventures in video montage form.  Now for what I consider to be my most favorite places around the world.

 Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada

Sauble Beach Ontario Canada

•  Clean warm shallow water makes it great for family swimming and play

•  Over 11 km long makes it the second longest freshwater beach in the world

•  2 hours north of Toronto on Lake Huron

•  Lots of cottages to rent on the beach

•  BeachBabyBob continues to visit this beach every summer

Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik National Park Dark Sky

•  A dark sky preserve with stories of the stars

•  Aboriginal rock art

•  Hiking trails and waterway routes for canoes and kayaks

•  Woodland and seaside ecosystem rich in flora and fauna

•  White sandy beaches with turquoise waters along the Atlantic Ocean

The Ganges River in northern India

The Ganges River in India

•  The most sacred river in the Hindu religion

•  The ashes of the dead are consecrated in this river in order to achieve salvation

•  The Ganga river dolphin and the mugger crocodile live in this river and are famous world wide

•  Water from the river is poured into the mouths of the dying to ensure their passage into heaven

•  The water comes from the melting peaks of the highest mountains in the world – The Himalayas

Bucerias, Mexico

Bucerias Beach Mexico

•  Located in Banderas Bay along the Pacific coast of the U.S.A. famous for oyster diving

•  Over 100 km of sandy and rocky beaches

•  17000 locals + 300,000 tourists in the region

•  All water sports

•  Friendly people

•  Just a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta

•  Fresh fruits and vegetables available at many local daily markets such as mangos, avacodos, corn, and beans

•  Fresh fish available everywhere

•  Many wonderful restaurants on the beach

The Amazon River

boys swimming at Chino from tree

• Second longest in the world next to the Nile but Amazon yields the most water into its basin

• Francisco de Orellana was a Spanish explorer who gave this river its name back in 1541 because the natives of the area at the time reminded him of the Amazons in Greek mythology

• The Amazon rainforest through which this river passes, its the largest rainforest on Earth

•  The people who continue to live beside the river, use its waters for everything

•  BeachBabyBob and his wife lived at the Tahuayo reserve lodge in the Peruvian Amazon for a month back in 2010 and learned about the people and their paradise

(Check out Amazonia Expeditions Peru)

Tahuayo Wilderness Lodge Peruvian Amazon

Travel to the lodge requires that you fly into Iquitos, Peru. From Iquitos we take you by boat up the mighty Amazon River, for a distance of about 50 miles, then up the Tahuayo tributary, another 40 miles.

BeachBabyBob and his wife Sue continue to travel the world to learn about the people and their homes.  Their next trip will be in September 2017, when they will travel to Rwanda Africa to visit the almost extinct mountain gorillas.

Check out BeachBabyBob’s travel website at https://ohtheplacesyoullgo.ca


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