Motovox 70 cc Dirt Bike review
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Motovox 70cc Dirt Bike Review

Listen up, biking and racing enthusiasts!  Today we’re here to provide a detailed review on the Motovox 70cc Dirt Bike.  


This gas dirt bike racks up a whole 5.3 in horsepower with a clutchless 70 cc engine!  FYI, there’s no clutch, so it’s all automatic, and easy to teach young riders between 8 – 11 years old.  

An easy kickstart makes starting this little bad boy a breeze.  The gear system has 4 speeds, and can be locked by a parent according to the child and speed wanted, on 4 different levels.  

The fenders, side covers, and tank are dent proof, and are made out of polypropylene.  The rims are made out of strong steel with alloy hubs.  

The brakes are the best part to know about, when it comes to your child’s safety.  The front and rear brakes are drum brakes.

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Motovox 70 Cc Dirt Bike

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What’s The Motovox 70cc Good For?

The bike is a great off-road pocket pit bike for the young enthusiast who loves to get downright dirty.  

These bikes ensure long-lasting years filled with continuous usage, as a result of the durability of the steel that this bike has been constructed with.  

This bike can take pounding abuse and rough terrain in any weather…. except for rain.

The engine is superbly reliable for the most part, and has a smooth 4 stroke overhead cam engine.  

The bike arrives at your door in a wooden carton, and is practically assembled for you.  All you have to do is attach the handlebars, put some gas in the sucker, and GO!

If you have questions, they have a toll free line which will be answered by a friendly customer service agent who will help you with replacement parts, complaints, and warranty repairs.

 Need help on how to fix any faulty parts, or how to attach the handle bars?  You can find ‘how to videos’ on youtube as well.

Here’s a video demonstrating the startup and shutdown of the Motovox 70cc.

Great For Kids Who Love Dirt Bikes

best kids dirt bikes

All Purpose Dirt Bike

The bike is perfect for riding around town, and when it comes to dirt and riding on steep hills, the horsepower really does kick in and leaves the bugs singing in the dirt.  

For our young riders out there, there is definitely enough power for an exciting ride on the trails, cruising up to a maximum speed of 45 mph.  

This is a mini bike with all the benefits of the big dirt bikes!  Youngsters, who can confidently ride this little dirt devil, without being overwhelmed, will develop the skills to prepare for more powerful bikes

Here’s a video showing a test run of the Motovox 70cc Dirt Bike.


This bike overall is a great value for youngsters  who like pocket bikes, The clutchless features are great, but with the half manual, half automatic engine , it’s weird and takes a minute to get used to it.  

This bike isn’t necessarily for beginners, but it isn’t that difficult to learn how to ride.  If you are a beginner, it just takes some time!  

Keep in mind that the warranty allows you to get new parts, if you damage it trying to figure out how to ride it the first time, due to the 4 speed alterations.

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