Morey Mach 7 42″ Bodyboard Review



Making its feature appearance at #2 on our list of Best Boogie Boards was the Morey Mach 7.  

This board was an easy pick for the #2 board on our list for several reasons, the least of which being it’s awesome, yet simplistic design.  

When we cover the features and bonuses that come with this board, then you’ll be sure to see this as the ultimate gift for your young one!

Feature Pick

Morey Mach 7 41″ Bodyboard – Assorted Colors


The aesthetics on this board are incredible.  As noted in our original summary review of the boards, they both have the same type of simplistic design that is exhibited on #3 on our list of  Best Boogie boards, which is extremely desirable.

The boards are featured on the purchase link in two different variations which are; (1) all yellow as the base color, with a small amount of writing at the tip of the board where the company’s sign is posted in all black.  

The other variation is just like the yellow board except that board has burnt orange as its primary color.

In addition, the boards are not all one color like some other boards that we have covered in the past on our list.  They are both black underneath, which appears to give a little peak of the material they used to construct the bottom side of the board.

The board is 42 inches in length too, which is great for accommodating small children to fair sized adolescents.  

This is another inherent advantage of using this boogie board, that made us nudge it up a few more ticks on our list of Best Boogie Boards.

Construction and Material Usage

There is a whole lot to discuss for this portion of the boogie board, so we’ll try to shell out all of the benefits for this board below:

  • Tail: The tail of this boogie board is designed to be a bat tail.  As mentioned in some our other reviews, this is always a favorable set up, because it allows the boogie board to have substantially more maneuverability, which is crucial to its functionality.  The tail can increase the speed that the boogie board is able to travel as well.  The inclusion of the wings on this tail part, also helps to reinforce the stabilizing effect that the tail has on the entire board.
  • Deck: The deck, or top of the board, is encased in a Polyethylene skin.  This polyethylene material (EPS) is something that has been a favorite of manufacturers for several years in the boogie board industry.  It has been proven to enhance the grip that one has, as well as contribute to a smoother underside of the board to allow individuals to glide with more ease as they ride upon the board.
  • Core: This core type falls under the ‘XPS’ category, which means that it is maximized and designed for those that are a little less experienced to be riding on it.  As mentioned above, the core is largely determined by the polyethylene material that was discussed above.  Usually this type of core allows for a safer ride overall, and is a lot easier to ‘learn on’ than other materials would be.  So, if you’re buying this board for a child, then this would be a highly favorable feature,because it will increase their amount of safety while on the board. 
  • Rails: This board takes a break from the other boards that we have covered on our list, because it incorporates the use of 50/50 rails rather than the 60/40 ones that we have been accustomed to seeing on other boards.  Basically what this means is that there is an equal 50/50 split between the upper and lower parts of the rail itself.  This makes the board a lot faster to ride.  Coupled with the EPS core that we discussed above, this is a satisfactory design, because there has already been enhanced safety related to the core itself.
  • Power Rod Stringer: This may be one of the most important features of note on our list that we’ve covered thus far.  Having a good, sturdy stringer that cannot be easily demolished or altered, is absolutely crucial.  Fortunately, this board comes embedded with dual composite carbon strength within the string, in order to ensure that it would be extremely difficult to rip or separate from the board itself.  This is something that will give any parent much needed peace of mind when giving this toy to their child to use on the beach.

Watch this quick video review of the Morey Mach 7 body board to get a closer look.


In conclusion, what’s there not to like about this board?

Aesthetically, it’s a beautiful board. It’s certainly a safe board and it is designed in such a way where it can be used by individuals of all ages and age groups.

Because of the nature of this board, it is something that would fit perfectly for the purposes that you need it for.

So, if you’re looking for a board and you need one ASAP – visit our link!

About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.

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