Monster Moto MM-B80 review
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Monster Moto MM-B80 Mini Bike Review

Let’s take a look at this super cool Monster Moto MM-B80 (American Flag) mini bike.   What better way to show your patriotism than by riding a red, white, and blue bike.  If you ride on this Monster Moto, you better be prepared to be noticed and maybe even saluted by the neighbourhood kids.  The 80 cc engine will really kick the dirt around. Those are not commercial stickers or decals you see on that fender, the company hand-dipped them, and painted them on directly.  There is lots of fun waiting for you!  If you’re an adult, you might even feel like a kid again.  I bought one for my son, but I can’t resist to go for a spin on it now and then.

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Monster Moto – Gas Mini Bike

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Let’s get into the basic features:

  • A heavy duty engine with an overhead valve.
  • Durable rear disc brakes.
  • Safety first handlebars that are adjustable.
  • Strong reinforced, rugged frame.
  • Tires with a super grip.

Will girls (chics) get a kick out of this bike?

Your answer: My son has lots of girls giving him the eye now.

What’s the weight limit?

Your answer: I weigh 160 lbs, and it works just fine…. just goes a lil slower than it’s supposed to go.

Can it climb up hills?

Let me see: Yes, it can go up hills, just depends on the weight of the kiddo.

Do they sell bigger ones, like for us adults?

Well……. These are actually the only models that they have at this time.

What’s the speed on this thing-o?

Hmmm…… It says up to 40 mph, but you’d roughly get 30-33 mph actually.

How are they shipped?

Really? In a box of course…. but shipped to your doorstep like any other package  The carrier would be Fedex or UPS., just depending on your location.

Monster Moto MM-B80 review

I really wanted a mini bike as a child, but it didn’t happen.  Today, my son and I are loving it!  It is easy to store away too.  Wouldn’t want our toy stolen.

The handle bars are tight, but still move with vigorous riding.  I’m a little nervous about tightening them myself, as I fear I’ll  break them.  In my opinion, they are pretty tight anyways.  It took me awhile to get used to it of course, but like anyone else, no one is an expert on the first time trying something out.

monster moto

I discovered as well, that the bike gets better throttle response when the air filter and exhaust are turned around facing incoming air.  The filter and exhaust can be turned around fairly easily.  I thought it was difficult by the look of it, but actually it wasn’t.  Now it moves nicely for a plump woman weighing a sexy 202 lbs.  Don’t hate, appreciate!  I know how fast it goes, because I downloaded a super cool app that tells me how fast I am actually going…. which is pretty sweet in my opinion.  My top speed is a whopping 30 m.p.h..  I know for sure that I’ll be playing with this for a long time.

Yeah, it’s not made in the USA, but whooooooooo cares, it’s super cool!  It shows up with a manual, but if you don’t have one just call the 800 customer service number, and they will gladly mail you one free of charge!  Yeah, it’ll make the building process longer, waiting on a manual to arrive, but you can always search  Google, or even check Youtube videos for a quick tutorial.

It’s super powerful and fast… just the two things you need to know as a verified Amazon purchaser ….  your child will love this thing to death!  Kids, especially teenagers, love the thrill and excitement of speed and engines!  Love mini bikes?  Look no further merica’ This $h!t is awesome!  When you order it, it’s shipped in a crate and packaged securely.  Thank you Monster Moto for taking  time to package this bike for me and making my dreams come true….. while putting a great big smile on my son’s face.  He actually cried with joy!  If you are a beginner, I highly recommend purchasing training wheels, just till you get the hang of things.


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