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MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike Review

Gone are the days when kids’ dirt bikes were expensive to acquire.  Today, you don’t have to  break the bank to get one for your kids.

The MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike is one of the best kids’ dirt bikes on the market.  It’s another summertime adventure for the kids, as they ride worry-free around the neighborhood.

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Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 80Cc/25Hp Without Suspension (Mm-B80-Br)(Black)

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If you are looking for that one present your child will love, you won’t go wrong buying the MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike.  With a price tag below $500, it’s not surprising why the MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike is quite popular among kids.

Your kids will develop great motor skills with outstanding confidence and coordination, if presented with a MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike.

The MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike is for children age 8 and above.

Check out this video review to see it in action…


The MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike is a nice looking, but tough classic bike.  It may not have the looks of a motocross bike, but the MM-B80 is one of the cheapest, high performing dirt bikes on the market today.

It comes in two color trims – the real tree camo, and a classic black.  The MM-B80 we looked at for this review is the classic black color.

The MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike is a classic mini bike that comes pre-assembled when purchased (so you need no special knowledge to assemble it).  

All that is required of you, is to attach the handlebars – this won’t take you more than a few seconds, and don’t forget to add gas.  With that in place, you are good to go.


Cost Effective Kid’s Dirt Bike

The MM-B80 is one of the “cheap”, or shall we say “cost effective” dirt bikes that is actually made of quality materials, hence the sturdy feel.  

It looks tough and has a steel frame.  This makes it very durable, and if properly managed, it will grow with the kids.

Also, with a weight of 91 lbs., it can carry up to 150lbs.

It features an 80cc overhead valve engine, and an engine displacement of 79.5cc OHV.  

The MM-B80 is one of the few bikes on the market with a heavy duty OHV (Overhead-valve) engine.

With an automatic clutch, your child won’t have a problem controlling this dirt bike, as it enables easy operation.


The MM-B80 also features one of the latest and best brakes (a rear disk brake) in its category, which certainly helps your kid make safe stops when needed.

Additionally, it has a seat height of 24″ and a wheel size 14.5″ x 7-6″.  This gives the MM-B80 dirt bike an adult feel. It has both on and off road capability.  

The super grip tires not only help navigate crazy bumps, but aid in a more effective stop.

The handle bars of the MM-B80 dirt bike are adjustable, so your child can make adjustments for a comfortable experience.

The MM-B80 youth bike is great for outdoors with its No-Dent polypropylene fenders and reinforced steel frames.

It has a large comfortable seat with a seat height of 23″.  This aids in eliminating any form of pain during/ after usage.

With a rated power of 2.5hp and a top speed of 23 MPH, your kids will be thrilled by the pace of the MM-B80.

While this is a great dirt bike for kids, I observed that my kid had problems when making sharp turns.  It is rather disappointing that the turning radius for this bike is not that great. 

Nevertheless, with supervision and adequate training, it is still a great mini bike for kids.


  • It is a very durable dirt bike that is made up of quality materials.
  • The price tag on this bike is quite fair, as you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one.
  • It is a great dirt bike for beginners, with an astonishing speed that is faster than most electric bikes on the market.
  • With a rugged, reinforced steel frame, the MM-B80 youth mini bike is one of the strongest we have on the market.
  • The maintenance cost of the MM-B80 dirt bike will not burn a hole in your pocket.  With a 3 gallon tank, it can last up to 3 hours of usage.


  • The speed of this dirt bike is dangerous for first-timers, and for kids with limited experience.  I would advise you to direct and supervise your kids for a period of time before allowing them to ride on their own.
  • The steering radius of this mini bike is not the best on the market.  Hence, your kids might have trouble making tight turns.



The MM-B80 youth mini bike is well constructed for kids, ages 8 and up.  It encourages kids to embrace the outdoors more, as they can be seen heading off on their new found adventures.

While the bike is great for kids, it is very important that parents do not leave them unsupervised, especially if it is their first time, or they have little experience in driving an electric dirt bike.

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