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Met Gala 2017 – Avante Garde Themed Art Party

The Met Gala is a fundraising event that is held every year in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, in New York City.   Each year, its board of directors pick a static theme and expect their guests to show up to the event in a look that matches the theme.   Anna Wintour is always the chair of the event, and this year, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and the designer Rei Kawakubo were honorary chairs.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced this year’s theme as “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.”


Why do they have themes?  Well that’s easy.  For one, it allows its “fans” to anticipate what kind of look their favourite celebrities will sport.  The “theme” can also spark rising trends for that year, and seeing that the Gala is held in April/May of each year, it can fast track some trends just in time for summer.

However, technically speaking, the true reason they do a theme is so the guests match the costume exhibit’s theme in the museum.  This year’s theme was “avant-garde.”  Avant-garde is defined as, “new and unusual, or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.”

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Many celebrities stayed true to the theme such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.  Other celebrities however, such as Kylie Jenner (pictured above) received backlash for wearing dresses that “[Kylie] could wear to any other red carpet.”

Kim Kardashian, wearing a simplistic, white, skin tight dress, stated that she wanted to keep it simple, and not do what everybody else was doing.  Kim avoided conflict because her fans paid homage to their queen by stating that she won by keeping it low key on the carpet.  Other Met Gala viewers, however, were head over heels for looks that kept it very close to the theme, such as the queen Rihanna.

Queen​ Rhi-Rhi, wore a Comme des Garçons look, from the fall 2016 runway, that was praised as an “architectural wonder.”  Rihanna is always one to stay close to the Met Gala’s theme, and this was proven in 2015 when she wore a shocking yellow coat for the “China: Through the Looking Glass” theme.

rihanna met gala 2017

This year, however, the singer wore a striking, large gown that seemed to have petals blooming from it (pictured above).  She also paired it with scrappy, tie up boots that the singer claimed, “took over an hour to get into.” Rihanna’s dress was also said to have been inspired by 18th century architecture.  Rihanna was praised all over for her daring but risky look.  Many stated that she won the red carpet for staying so close to the theme and bringing content that had never been seen before.  Whether you love Rihanna or not, you cannot deny that she did not steal the spotlight on the red carpet.

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The question is, what do you think of celebrities and their outfits matching the theme?  Do you believe that the guests should style according to theme, or does it make them even more a risk taker to not play by the theme?

Seeing that the Met Gala usually starts trends according to the looks that are broadcasted by its guests, how will this summer’s trends reflect ensembles of such bizarre trends?  Will swimsuits possibly incorporate “architectural” designs and how would that work?

Here’s a few videos from the Met Gala 2017, in case you haven’t caught all the action and drama yet.

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