Lucky Bums Body Board Review



Coming in at #3 on our list of Best Boogie Boards available on the market is the Lucky Burns Body Board.

This board is one of the quintessential examples of what makes a great boogie board and as such is something that you absolutely would not regret purchasing if you had the opportunity.

Feature Pick

Lucky Bums Body Board With Eps Core, Blue – 41 Inches


As mentioned in our summary review on our list of Best Boogie Boards on the market, this board is very aesthetically pleasing. One of the main reasons for this is the simplicity of the board itself.

The board features a deep, ocean-blue color scheme with only the letters ‘Lucky Burns’ on the right side of the board in large green letters.

Besides that, the board is barren. We like this design because it screams sophistication. The board is not completely dull, as it stands out with design.

However, it does not draw too much attention and the design looks very concise and well-oriented.

This is a stark improvement over some other boards where there is so many designs on it, that it becomes a distraction at a certain point.

Another thing that we really like about the board is the fact that it’s conclusively 41 inches.

This means that the board has additional utility as it can be used for both smaller children and individuals as well as larger ones.

41 inches is more than sufficient enough for very young teenagers of almost any size.

Construction and Materials

There is quite a lot to be said about the construction and materials that were incorporated in the design of this boogie board.

We will outline and explain just a few of these features below in our bulleted list:

  • 60/40 Rails – This is one of the essential features of the board right here. The 60/40 rails allow for better control and maneuverability of the board, an essential feature for anyone who is somewhat new to using a boogie board as well as all children.
  • Rear Channels – This is really helpful when buying a board for smaller children because this helps to add stability to the board. The fact that this is incorporated on the Lucky Burns Body Board is a huge plus as many boogie boards do not have this.
  • High-Density Polyethylene – As mentioned before in several other articles this is another core factor in the design and functionality of many of the best boogie boards available in the market because it is this material that makes the aforementioned two superlatives a possibility with this board. This is what ensures that the board will have the enhanced level of maneuverability and control that is so desired.
  • EPS Core – The EPS core is yet again another very underrated part of this board. The EPS core helps to ensure that the board is of a durable craft and material. This is important because with this material, the board is substantially more durable than it otherwise would have been and this is always a necessity whenever handing anything over to small children because it is no secret that they are prone to damaging a lot of things in inexplicable ways! It also helps to ensure your child’s safety because you don’t want to purchase a board that is easily susceptible to destruction as well as being compromised under certain conditions.
  • The Board is Lightweight – The lightweight nature of the board helps to make it a child-friendly device. It also ensures that the board will not be unnecessarily obtrusive when one is trying to ride on it as one of the keys to boogie boarding is to actually ride. Thus, in order to meet this design goal, it is imperative that the boogie board being used is not one that is unduly inconvenient to manage.
  • Bottom of the Board – As mentioned earlier in our review, this board is crafted with material that not only makes for greater maneuverability but speeds as well. Because of the material on the bottom of the board, you can be assured that there will not be too much resistant for anyone that wishes to ‘coast’ along. This is due primarily to the superior nature of the board itself.
  • Strong leash – It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for there to be a very strong leash on these boogie boards. This is because the leash is one of the best ways to help promote the safety of riders, especially younger ones. As mentioned before several times throughout our boogie board reviews, the presence of this strap can help give young riders a much needed safety net if things ever go wrong.

Final Thoughts

In review, this is a very high quality boogie board. You’re getting a very sophisticated, lightweight device without any unnecessary features packaged in that has been constructed with some of the best materials that are available to anyone in the industry.

About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.

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