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Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring was all the craze in 2014.  Contouring is essentially using makeup to mimic the natural shadows you may find on your face. The aim of contouring is to redefine and slender certain features.  Contouring is commonly used on the sides of a nose to make the nose appear smaller, on a jawline to create a more sharp line, on the temples and also on the cheeks to allow them to appear more sculpted.

However, in 2015, thanks to Instagram and YouTube, highlighters broke onto the beauty scene and suddenly became all the rage.  Brands such as Becca became increasingly popular due to their highly pigmented highlighters.  Anastasia Beverly Hills also released a few highlighting products such as the Glow Kit, which were sold out internationally for months at a time.

The main objective of highlighting is to make your face appear to be ‘glowing,’ and to ‘highlight’ the features you want  accentuated.  The most commonly highlighted places on the face are above the cupids bow, to make lips appear plumper, above the cheek bone, below the brow bone, and down the bridge of the nose to add dimension.

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Thanks to courageous brands such as Jeffree Star, highlighters are not exclusive to neutral shades that match skin tones. Eccentric highlighters that are colours such as yellow, blue and orange have become increasingly popular.

At the age of 18, reality star and internet sensation Kylie Jenner released her own makeup line titled ‘Kylie Cosmetics.’  Her line began small with three liquid lipsticks – Candy K, Dolce K and True Brown K.

As Kylie’s line grew increasingly popular, she then extended her range of liquid lipsticks.  After reaching tremendous success with her new shades, she added newer additions to her cosmetic family including glosses and metal liquid lipsticks. As expected with so much success, Kylie then implemented even more products such as eyeshadows, makeup brushes, blushes and finally – highlighters.

Upon the initial release – all six of the Kylighter shades, as well as the bundle of all shades, had sold out within just minutes of Jenner releasing them.  Upon being dispatched and placed in the homes of loyal and excited fans, there was very mixed reviews with the Kylighters.

Similarly to Jenner’s lipgloss wand issue, many fans said they had experienced issues with their Kylighters.  Fans were complaining that the package was so cheap and poorly made, that the pans of the highlighter would fall out if held upside down.  Some fans even claimed that their highlighters had arrived without any pans.

Other fans also experienced some technical difficulties with the label on their Kylighters, which is unacceptable considering the caliber of products Jenner usually releases.

My Kylighters had arrived in perfect condition, so I had no complaints or any contributions to this drama.

However, I must add that I was expecting the packaging to be a bit more sturdy from Jenner, seeing that the Kylighter was placed in a flimsy cardboard box.  I did appreciate the mirror that Kylie had decided to add this time, that had been lacking from other products such as the Kyshadows.

According to Kylie Cosmetics –

Kylighter Bundle contains:

  • 6 Pressed Illuminating Powders net weight / pods net 6 X 9.50 grams / 6 X 0.34 oz)
  • Banana Split (vibrant yellow gold)
  • Cotton Candy Cream (soft light peach)
  • Chocolate Cherry (warm coppery bronze)
  • French Vanilla (soft icy gold)
  • Salted Caramel (warm midtone gold)
  • Strawberry Shortcake (warm midtone pink)

The #KylieCosmetics Kylighter is your secret weapon to create the perfect Kylie glow.  Each Kylighter Bundle comes with 6 pressed illuminating powder highlighters that can be used to recreate Kylie’s favourite looks, or customize your own.

Based on my own personal experience with these products, some shades were hits and some were misses.  Shades such as French Vanilla and Salted Caramel applied flawlessly to my skin with just one swipe, and also worked well in combination with other shades.

Shades such as Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Split, however, did not have enough pigment, and required a few layers in order to reach its full intensity.

Overall, the Kylighters were not a miss or score for me.  Personally, I do not think they were great, but I also would not shy away from using them again.  I believe that there are better alternatives that you can find, such as the Wet N’ Wild highlighters, or the Becca highlighters as mentioned previously.

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