Kuberg 2016 Trial E Electric Bike review
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Kuberg 2016 Trial E Electric Bike 16″ Review

Another electric bike we’re excited to talk about is the Kuberg 2016 Trial E Electric Bike, but listen here folks, this one is different.  

I’ll give you my honest opinion about my recent purchase.  First, though, let’ take a look at what this bike has to offer a potential rider.  

I’ve made a fairly long list…

Kuberg 2016 Trial E Electric Bike review


  1. Really and truly, I bought this for my son, but it’s sturdy to hold my 151-pound self.
  2. It’s an electrical trail bike made for kids from 5 to 10 years old.
  3. Weighs around 72 pounds, so your child will definitely need help if they dump the bike.
  4. The steel tube frame is powder coated and super durable for most terrains.
  5. The bike can hold a rider up to 220 pounds which are very strong.
  6. Can be used as a pocket bike as the weight limit is very high.
  7. Can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour.
  8. The ride time for this bad boy is 2 hours, which is great compared to most Razor products only lasting 40 minutes.
  9. The motor is a noiseless and powerful 36 Volt 3000-watt electric motor.
  10. The seat height is approximately 20″ off the ground.
  11. 16 inch big knobby tires.
  12. Easy to operate twist grip throttle.
  13. Hand operated rear and front wheel brakes.
  14. A highly responsive spring suspension system and disc brakes, which are great to have on a bike with such a powerful motor.
  15. 3x 12 volts sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.
  16. A fully covered chain guard to protect your child’s legs, and a battery cover to keep the battery safe from debris, water, and dirt.
  17. A built in top speed limiter.
  18. 3 acceleration modes to put the parent in control.
  19. The ability to control your bike from a smartphone app, and connect your wifi ready electric bike to control all of its functions. P.S. The wifi adapter isn’t included… you have to buy that separately.
  20. Made 100% in Europe. Hence the cool features.

Lots Of Fun For Ages 5-10

As you can see, this bad boy can hit a top speed in seconds.  The 3kw linear power provides this bike with instant torque power in no time.  

A kill switch is built in for your child’s safety, to turn off the engine very quickly in case of an emergency.  

This bike is great for its easy setup, and  little to no maintenance. 

This electrical bike requires no oil, spark plug, gas, kick start, carburetor or exhaust, which makes maintenance a breeze.

electrical bike for ages 5-10

Good And Bad

The thing I don’t like about this electric bike is the charge time over play time.  That is the worst thing I’ve had to deal with when using electric bikes.  

To solve this problem, just buy a bunch of replacement batteries, and charge them all together overnight.  This will allow you to ride all day without interruption, other than riding back home to change batteries.  

The Trail E-bike is great for youngsters…. beginners and intermediate riders.  

The Kuberg Trial E-bike was professionally engineered and designed by a European company that makes sure your bike is made to perfection.

Kuberg 2016 Trial E Electric Bike

The bike only weighs 72 pounds compared to most bikes weighing around 100 pounds.  The frame is super durable, allowing a smooth, safe ride (dual suspension).  

With its 17 miles per hour speed,  and instant acceleration, your child can experience some wicked power and fun for up to 2 hours of full blown throttle.  

This bike is known for its quiet ride, so your child won’t be bothering the neighbors with that loud noise of a typical dirt bike.

More Bang For Your Buck

 Parents who are serious, and concerned about the safety of their child can limit the top speed and the acceleration to match your child’s skill level.  

The lower settings also allow the rider to ride much longer per charge. The electronic controller can assist in sensitivity within the throttle at the precise time when needed.  

The custom built-in suspension and highly responsive brakes, make a smooth yet comfortable ride.

Feature Pick

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

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