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KKW + Kylie Cosmetics Collaboration Review

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The Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Cosmetic collaboration was one that makeup geeks had been anticipating for a while. Kylie Jenner is a nineteen year old with the whole world under her belt. She was known for her sculpted makeup and was praised internationally by many of her fans.

Her sister, Kim Kardashian West, is no different. West has been proclaimed as one of the most influential figures of our generation and that influence is not limited to West’s killer style and rocking body.

When West and Jenner announced their collaboration, the whole world was sent into a frenzy. The set produced by the sisters had sold out in just hours after the initial release but this was not out of the ordinary. Before the release, West and Jenner had a long campaign promoting the lipstick set and their was lots of anticipation for them to hit the market.

For the Kylie and Kim collab, West had created her own formula that was different from formulas in Jenner’s other liquid lipsticks. West did this in order to achieve the consistency and look of the lipsticks that she usually wears. West is known for her signature creamy nude looks so it was only expected that she would release a “creme liquid lipstick.”

The packaging of the lipsticks is very simplistic seeing that the set comes in a simplistic matte baby pink colour. The lipstick tubes are no different seeing that they are frosted with baby pink. The applicator on the lipstick is also supposed to be a smaller doe-foot in comparison to Jenner’s previous lipsticks. Another difference from Jenner’s previous lipsticks is that the collab lipsticks are scentless.

One thing that I must point out with these lipsticks is that they are geared towards those with a tanner complexion. Seeing that West is Armenian, her tone is very rich. So the lighter shades in the bundle may not work for those with a fair skin tone.

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The retail price for the bundle of four lipsticks is $45 in American currency which may be a steep price for international shoppers who may be caught in the currency exchange or having to pay a hefty price for shipping.

Another perk about the KKW X KYLIE collection is that they are not supposed to be of the same realm as other liquid lipsticks. Its formula is to resemble the formula that you would find in a regular tube of lipstick. Therefore, the lip colour is not supposed to be long lasting or kiss proof.

The names of the lipsticks which also have received lots of backlash from fans include; Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmy.

A Rundown 

According to Kylie Cosmetics, these are accurate descriptions of each shade :

Kimberly is a true nude.

Kim is a peachy nude.

Kiki is a pinky nude.

Kimmie is a deep nude.

When swatching each shade, you will see that each lipstick is very light weight and sheer meaning that if you want the colour to be at its most vibrant, you may need to apply more than one layer. As expected, the shades also were more towards the ‘glossy’ side as opposed to matte thank to West’s formula change. With one swipe to the lip, also expect these colours to glide off easily!

To conclude, the KKW X KYLIE JENNER collaboration fell short. The four shades were too similar in colour to be included together in a bundle. The lipsticks also are not long wearing and more similar to a gloss than a lipstick. As a liquid lipstick lover, this collection is unfortunately a major pass.

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