Kate Spade Paxtons Sunglasses Review


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Kate Spade Paxtons Rectangular Sunglasses,Tortoise Stripe,53 Mm

Overview of Kate Spade Paxtons

This stylish pair of Kate Spade sunglasses has polarized lenses that provide 100% protection against the harmful impact of UV light on the eyes. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite water activities without the glare of the sun reflecting off the water, too.

One of our favorite things about these glasses is the fact that you can choose different colors for the frames, but most of the color is partially hidden. On the outside of the frames, it’s a light brown or black, while the interior has a blast of bold colors. The glasses also come with an adorable pink case to keep the Kate Spades from being banged up and ruined.


Kate Brosnahan Spade started out working as an accessories editor at the magazine Mademoiselle. She wanted to create the perfect handbag, which she felt was lacking in the marketplace. Her palette and design were truly stunning and unique.

This was in 1993, and Kate Spade New York was started with that one handbag in six styles. She opened her first shop in 1996 and broadened her offerings to clothing, accessories, bedding, and sunglasses. The motto of the designer is “live colorfully.”

The handbags that are created by Kate Spade are the target of counterfeiters, which can also impact the sunglasses. Make sure you’re ordering from a licensed Kate Spade seller when making a purchase.

The manufacturer includes a 1-year warranty with the purchase of these sunglasses.

Frame Colors Available

With the motto of the company in mind, it’s no surprise that there are some bright colors to choose from with these sunglasses. They come in an aqua tortoise frame, black stripe with white and red, saffron tortoise, tortoise kiwi, and tortoise stripe with a rainbow of colors.

The frames are made from a composite of acetate.

kate spade paxtons

Brown Lenses

While some manufacturers of sunglasses choose to offer lenses in a variety of colors, brown is one of best colors for most light conditions. It’s great for activities on the water where bright sunlight can bounce off the surface. The brown polarized lenses are coated with a chemical that reduces the glare, and helps to eliminate the impact of UV light.

Size of the Frames

The lens measures 52 mm wide and 33 mm high. Keep this in mind when ordering your glasses. The lenses with the frame are a total of 2 inches high. The bridge of the frames measures 12 millimeters and the arms are 124 millimeters.

Price Range

The Kate Spade Paxtons range in price from $83 to $91 depending on the seller of the glasses. Remember that counterfeit sunglasses might be less expensive, but they are not going to come with the guarantee delivered by the manufacturer.

The lenses of the Paxtons are prescription ready, too. This could save you from having to purchase another pair of sunglasses for driving when you need a prescription.

kate spade paxton sunglasses

Why Purchase Polarized Lenses?

While you might think that you’re getting a high amount of UV coverage and light protection with dark, tinted glasses, they’re not actually blocking the harmful UV rays. In fact, some dark lenses are doing more damage than if you were to wear no sunglasses at all. Over time, UV rays can cause serious eye damage like cataracts and degeneration.

Sports and Activities Requiring Polarized Lenses

Surfing, like windsurfing or kitesurfing, requires UV protection because all the glare will bounce off the water. You’ll have harsh sunlight overhead as well as off the water.

Jet skiing, boating, fishing, paddleboarding and kayaking are activities that benefit from polarized lenses. Even if you don’t participate in any of these activities, sitting at the beach with the water so close can result in harsh glare, too.

Should I Purchase Kate Spade Paxtons

These polarized sunglasses with case have the ability to be used as a prescription pair of sunglasses. This eliminates the need for another pair of sunglasses. The glasses will protect your eyes from the glare of the sun while looking stylish, as you participate in sports out on the water.

You should purchase these sunglasses for outdoor activities, especially if you find yourself squinting out on the water. It could help eliminate eye problems in the future, too.

We can’t think of any reason not to give these Kate Spade Paxtons high ratings in this review. The rectangular lenses are wide enough to keep sun from entering the sides, and the frames are durable. The brown lenses will keep out 100% of the UV rays that might otherwise attack your eyes.

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