Kakadu Rooftop Tent Review


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Arb Arb4101A Sand 55″ Width X 945″ Length

  • Date of Release: February 2013
  • Description of Product: Kakadu Rooftop Tent
  • Application: Vehicle Based Touring or Camping tent
  • Product Part Number: ARB4101A
  • Pricing Retails at: $1499.00

Kakuda has created a new model to the ARB Touring tent products, which is featured as a rooftop tent. It is similar to the Simpson tent model in design and features, but it is much simpler to set up. It also features more ventilation which will help with warmer climates.

Even though it is similar to the Simpson III, the Kakuda Rooftop tent lacks an extendable veranda that the Simpson III features. Because of this, the Kakuda is a better fit for the back of utility or pick up trailers, because the floor of the tent can be put lower to the ground which helps make access easier. Ventilation is increased because of the side windows being larger, as well as the lack of the canvas awning over the exterior of the window. Because of this, there is more natural light flooding the tent, and overall better airflow throughout the entire tent.

The internal canvas shutters seal the windows with their fitted design to protect during any sort of harsh weather conditions. The fly sheet has also been extended to provide greater rain coverage for the Kakuda Rooftop Tent. This tent includes a new style of single layer extruded foam mattress which helps to lighten the load of the tent, and makes packing up easier with easier folding.


Just as its tent predecessors, this rooftop tent features 300 gsm poly/cotton Rip Stop canvas. Also featured is a polyurethane coating which makes for greater water resistance. This coating also keeps condensation from making its way though the canvas. It can be easily wiped clean and dried, which helps keep the canvas from growing any mildew or staining.

The canvas material meets all the current fire retardant standards. The seams are all completely sealed by a welded seam tape which keeps water from seeping through the holes of the stitching. This eliminates the need to season, or wet and dry the tent, before the first use of the product, like many canvas products require.

All of the doors and windows are complete with screens made of mesh, to keep insects from reaching the inside of the tent, but can be rolled up and out of the way, if preferred.


Fly Sheet: The fly sheet is created from 300D Oxford weave polyester. This, along with the polyurethane coating makes the fly sheet almost completely water resistant, which helps to keep the Kakuda completely dry, even in wet conditions. The fly sheet is manufactured with 8 spring steel bows that keep the material tight, which reduces any flapping even in the windiest conditions.


The Kakuda features an ABS laminated aluminum ladder framed base just like the Simpson model, for great floor streangth, and polystyrene insulation which helps to keep condensation from forming under the mattress. The 25mm OD anodized aluminum tubes make up the roof support bows for stability to the tent structure no matter the weather conditions. The 4mm plated steel hinges, and the extruded aluminum tongue & groove base edges, make sure the bases are locked together when put up, to keep the tent from flexing, and gives impeccable strength.


The Kakadu Rooftop tent comes complete with an extruded high density single layer mattress. This helps to lessen the weight of the tent, and make folding easier when put away. The mattress cover is removable for easy cleaning. It is made from 300D Oxford Weave polyester, that keeps moisture from getting to the actual foam of the mattress. This tent comes with two types of mattresses, the regular, and the denser chip foam mattress. The denser mattress can be purchased if the customer would prefer a firmer mattress.



The Kakuda cover is the same as the cover on the Simpson model tents. The cover is equipped with a heavy duty #10 YKK Vislon type zipper 3 tie-down straps which makes the cover more durable. The seams are manufacutured from UV stabilized 900 gsm laminated PVC and externally welded to keep any water from seeping in.


The ladder is the same style as used in the Simpson model with an adonized finish. Ladder extension can be purchased for taller vehicles if needed. One main ladder section can be removed for better fit in length, if the tent is fitted to a utility, pick up, or trailer.

Shipping weight (In box): Tent – 142 pounds/ Ladder – 13 pounds

Assembled weight (including ladder and mounting rails): 130 pounds

Sizing for the approximate Dimensions (About): Erected – 55″ W x 94.5″ L x 51″ H When it’s Packed – 55″ W x 47.25″ L x 8″ H

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