Jacksonville Beach, FL – What To See And Do



Ladies, it’s time to take out those sexy bikini tops and sarongs, and gents, it’s time to get into your beach jockeys because we are going to help you a plan to visit Jacksonville beaches in Florida.  

The beaches are pristine, and gorgeous, but most importantly, quick to access.  White sand beaches are breath-taking.  

There are plenty of beachfront hotels, guest houses and accommodations, all located within few minutes from downtown Jacksonville.

There are three main beaches: Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach.  

There is a little fishing village called Mayport to the north.  Jacksonville Beach stretches along a 22-mile wide waterfront, and throughout the stretch, you can find lots of activities including water sports, nightlife, fun and picnic,and family outing activities.  

Summers are great times to hop onto Jackson’s Beach trolleys, which take you all over the beach, to its various attractions for the minimal fare of $1.50.

Let us tell you about five beachside attractions, shopping, dining and eating experiences that you have to experience.

#1 – Town Centers

There are shops and dine-outs that provide best in class shopping and dining experiences to the visitors.  

These town centers are situated at the cross points of Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach.  

You can enjoy nightlife in beachfront hang out places with beautiful ocean side settings.

There are casual, chilled out restaurants and upscale dining restaurants to satisfy your needs for every mood.  

If you cross the street, you will find One Ocean Spa and Resort, where you can try the Azurea Restaurant for local cuisine.  

It also contains some popular bars such as Pete’s Bar and the Lemon Bar.

#2 – Waterparks

Adventure Landing, a popular waterpark around the corner offers you much more than a regular waterpark.  

It has a miniature golf course, go-karting track, laser tag, and a video game arcade.  

There are regular entertainment activities as well as the lazy river, wave pool, and extreme slides.  

WinterFEST is a festival organized every winter break to celebrate the nightly snowfalls.  

It offers a wonderful ice skating experience at that time.

#3 – Casino

You will all agree to the fact that without a casino experience, your Florida vacation cannot be called successful.  

One of the unmissable attractions in Jacksonville beach is the Victory Cruise Casino.

Located in the heart of Mayport Fishing village, it satisfies your needs to try your luck.

#4- History Centers And Museums

Jacksonville has a history of famous people who call this place their home.  

Famous politicians, artists, gangsters and socialites have known Jacksonville as home. This place has its own persona.  

To encounter all that with your own eyes, you need to see the museum and history centers located right in the center of Jacksonville beachfront.  

After spending a day in the glistening sun at the beautiful beach, it’s a perfect time to visit one of these museums and get awe inspired.

#5 – Eco-Tour

At the meeting point of St. John’s River, and the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the intracoastal waterway, your ticket to Jacksonville’s primitive natural environment.  

A bunch of local companies are spread out to help you select the best eco-tour as per your preferences and convenience.

While you can get inspired spending your time with nature, the coastal breeze blowing through your hair, rejuvenating your heart and soul, you will see manatees, local birds and all other kinds of animals enchanting the visitors with their presence and vibrancy.

#7 – Sports

Jacksonville has forever been known for its sporty inclinations.  

You can enjoy a host of spectator sports …superbowl, golf, arena football, and baseball.  

These events are scheduled consistently in Jacksonville.

#8 – July Events In Jacksonville

“Top to bottom” walking tour will have you experience a walk down the lanes of downtown Jacksonville, the beaches, and the shops.  

Enjoy every moment of Jacksonville beach life. The “Eco-Shrimp” tour, of course, is an exploration of shrimps in the river basin.  

It repeats every Friday and Saturday by the riverside. You can go for Biking at Hanna Park, or adventure kayak in quality mountain bike hikes and beach cruises.  

Go for canoeing at Hanna Park itself.  Beach Creek tour is nothing like the name suggests.  

7 days a week at 2.30 pm, you are taken all aroundJacksonville, to learn about it’s history and lore from knowledgeable guides.

#9 – Food And drinks

Well, what’s a vacation without drinks and indulgence?  

Try out Hemming Park Beer Garden to enjoy local crafted beer and cocktails made by gypsy bartenders.  

The Elbow Social is another such place. We can call it a bar with a twist. Indulge yourself in burritos, chomp chomps and guess what?  A cigar lounge!  Now that’s the life.

Enjoy Jacksonville Beach and the adjacent beaches by indulging in various activities.  This is not a place to have a lazy weekend.

So…What are you waiting for?  Visit Jacksonville ASAP!

About the author: Patrick has the record of travelling the most out of everyone, visiting over 30 countries around the world in 15 years, and sleeping in the most tents with the least amount of blankets and cushions.  He can literally sleep anywhere! A few countries Patrick has lived in include India, Mexico, Tanzania, and Morocco, and currently he lives in Peru.