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Is Coachella Worth The Money?

Coachella is the music festival of the year. It is the most hyped up festival and has a star studded attendees list as well as a sprinkle of your day to day citizen. The festival has been known for its dessert scenery and its extensive list of in demand and captivating performers. But…is it worth the money?

Many people on the internet have nothing but good things to say about Coachella… But I figured for consumers who don’t have cash hidden in their pockets and will be making a big investment to attend the festival, they should know the ugly aspects as well.

is coachella worth the money?

Most attendees highlight the location of the festival and give applause to the exotic scenery. I cannot deny that the location pictures well but some guests complain about the sand and its tendency to fly around. It also can trigger allergies for some more nose sensitive fans.

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Other guests comment on the nature of the festival and how Coachella encourages its guests who are on a budget to camp on site to avoid the cost. Most do not mind the whole camping part as it contributes to the experience but most people have complaints about the smell of those who decide to camp and skip the shower. It’s inevitable for the site to be smelly considering thousands of people are being squished onto one ground and are dancing for hours on end… But the question is – is Coachella too smelly for you?

Another common complaint is the space. For lesser known performers, some of their performances take place in small areas such as a tent. If many fans decide to see said performer, the only place for them to do so is in the tent. If there is a bigger turn out than the planners had attended, that can call for one squished space.

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To add onto the last point, for performers who are not performing in tents, it also can be a very squishy scenario depending on the body count of the crowd. Some performers have such a turn out that fans will shove through crowds to make it to the stage.

Many attendees decide to come to the festival while on things such as drugs and to find an intoxicated at Coachella is not uncommon. This can call for uncomfortable situations so be aware of this if you are not one who enjoys to be around those who are under the influence.

If you come to Coachella, you might want to stick together in groups because many fans state that they lost cellphone service while on the festival grounds which can lead to a disastrous situation if somebody in your party gets lost and their cellphone is out of service.

The most known ugly fact about Coachella is the condition of the festival itself. Sure, it’s beautiful for some and for those who love to socialize, the large attendance amount is great! But nobody can deny that being out in the heat for three days while partying never leads to a happy ending. There have been any stories of guests passing out as a result of the hot weather. When you are attending the performance of people you adore, its not uncommon for people to skip out on simple things such as water.

I personally would love to attend Coachella and this article is not meant to scare anybody away… But you also must be mindful of the fact that not everything is as it seems. Like all things, Coachella does has its downfalls. You just must determine if the good outweighs the bad for you.

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