Is Abby Champion Your New Summer 2017 Fashion Icon?

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In an a recent article, I discussed a new, upcoming model and Instagrammer by the name of Charlotte D’alessio.  If you gave her or her portfolio a peak, you may have noticed her best friend – Abby Champion.

Champion is a 22-year old blue eyed, 5’11, blonde haired Pisces from Birmingham, Alabama.  She also is signed to one of the hottest modelling agencies right now – NEXT models.

In a recent up close and personal interview with NEXT Model Management, Champion stated that her Instagram was mainly for work, which would explain why it is primarily focused on herself.

Champion also was quick to add that in real life, she isn’t always doing the ‘model poses’ that you may find her doing in her Instagram pictures.  “I’m really just a goofy young girl who loves to do outdoor activities” Champion says.

Following in the foot steps of her other best friend Meredith Mickleson, Champion decided to team up with D’alessio and create a YouTube channel ,where they would give an inside glance to their picturesque lives.

D’alessio and Champion dished out on a multitude of topics including boys, dieting and goofy stories.

In their first video, D’alessio and Champion unveil the true hardship of being upcoming models, and how hard it is to move away from home to chase your dreams.  The two best friends also tell the heart warming story of how they met at a photoshoot through a kind gesture.

Champion also stated in their video that they had made their YouTube channel to “show people that they were just two young people, growing up, and kind of figuring out the modelling world, and their journey through life in the modelling world.  Hopefully, we can help other young girls who want to be models along the way.”

The two girls, in their first video, also showed their excitement and love for Coachella, and boasted about how they have plans to make more Coachella inspired videos.  Champion, again on their YouTube video, emphasizes how different she is in real life from her online profile by stating, “we’re not that serious.”

Champion also dished out on how she loves to have Monday night ‘game night’, where her and her friends play games such as Monopoly and eat Froyo.  Champion however, does not neglect that she also loves to do more ‘mature’ things such as going out.

The two best friends also dished out on an awkward experience, where the two different boys in LA tried to pick up both of the girls without knowing they were friends.  Champion also advised her male viewers not to send the same messages or flirt with girls who are friends because ‘they know.’

Champion is also currently dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, and the two seem to be very much in love after being together for over a year.

To conclude, Abby Champion is one of the babes of Instagram, that you will need to keep your eyes on.  With such a bubbly and fun personality, paired with a striking and tasteful look, she definitely could be Hollywood’s next ‘It Girl.’  Some fans are even claiming the Alabama native could be the next model to put on a pair of angel wings… What do you think?

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