Indrah Women’s Swimsuit Bikini Set Review
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Indrah Women’s Swimsuit Bikini Set Review

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Indrah Women Sexy Push Up Padded Swimsuit Bikini Set And Circular Metal,Light Green,(Us Size 4-6)M

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I know I can overreact, and sound a little bit whiny at times, but excuse me, what  do you do when you are asked to go to a spa two days before the actual trip and you have…wait for it…no swimsuit!  (At least, nothing that looks good).

Panic attacks and screams of “I’m not going!” and “Where will I find a good swimsuit this late?” I cried.  I had a real dilemma deciding whether to go or not, because I only had five old bikinis, and they were all really, really ugly, not to mention, ill fitting.  I simply wouldn’t wear them!

My mother was completely frustrated as well.  She knew I hadn’t been on any beach vacations for a long time, so I didn’t really think about having a sexy new swim suit, but here I was now – regretting the fact that I just assumed I would never be seen in a swim suit again.  How things change!

If it wasn’t for mom, who sat ‘grumpy old me’ down beside her, and started searching for online shops that sell good swimsuits, I’d have never written this article.

Variety Of Colors

indrah white bikini review

My lovely mother managed to cheer me up within minutes by showing me a sexy push up swimsuit bikini set for a great price.  Before long, I was browsing through the different colors, and things were looking up. 

I’d heard Amazon’s claim that the swimsuit would be delivered next day.  Okay, I said, let’s see what Indrah offers here.  And yeah, thank goodness, they offered quite a variety.  The style that I loved came in ten colors to choose from, so I decided to buy two suits, because desperate times call for desperate measures.  I ordered the purple one and the white one.

indrah womens sexy push up padded swimsuit bikini

I liked the fact that Amazon warned me to order a size bigger than my usual size, because these Indrah swimsuits run slightly smaller than you’d expect.  Taking heed of that little warning, I clicked and ordered my two sexy Indrah bikinis.  I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the asking price.  It’s true, I had second thoughts whether they’d really be delivered the next day.

Fast Delivery

indrah bikini review

 As promised, I did get my delivery the very next day, and I rushed to open it and try them on.  I have usually avoided ordering clothes online because I’m afraid that they won’t fit.  I’ve seen too many cases where people got the wrong color, or the item didn’t fit, or they were even delivered a completely different product!

I opened the package, not knowing what to expect.  The purple ones showed up first, and happily, I have to say that the color was simply amazing, just like it was in the photo.  It was a shiny, rich color, and the fabric was elastic, and quite soft to the touch.

Flattering Look

indrah women's bikini review

First the top – it fit my bust perfectly. The bra was padded and flattered my small breasts in a lovely way.  I liked the minimal design, and the front circular metal decoration was a cute idea to add some sparkle on the monochromatic piece.

Love The Straps

indrah women sexy push up padded swimsuit

The straps on the bra matched well with the straps on the bottom.  There were three tiny ones, so I knew that even for tanning, there wouldn’t be big lines.  The back strap closed up with a clasp, and the top one, tied up. Basically it’s the top strap that dictates how high or low you wear the bra…whatever the wearer is comfortable with! 

Now, the bottoms.  I can tell you that I was a little worried about the fit, but since the top part actually fit me so well, my hope was that there wouldn’t be any problems   with the bottom half.  I was right…the bottoms were a perfect fit, comfortable and soft.  My fully covered behind never looked so good, just as I had hoped it would!  The white bikini fit beautifully, and looked fabulous as well.

I’ve got to say that Indrah literally saved me at the last minute.  Maybe I can pick one out on this video for next year.  Lots of styles and great prices.

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