How to Naturally Enhance Your Butt To Be Bigger And Rounder

What can become a tough job is deciding on the exactly method that would best suit you, while still providing the long lasting result you desire.

We are here to help and we would never stop till you achieve the booty of your dreams!

Choosing to get butt implants is a popular choice nowadays, but be ready to spend huge amounts of money on surgery.

Also, many side effects could arise after the butt implants, so why not choose a natural method instead? Stay with us to learn how to naturally enhance your butt to be bigger and rounder. Here is what we are going to talk about today:

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Let’s start by mentioning 3 important things you need to know about your butt.

3 Things You Need to Know Before You Try Getting a Bigger Butt

Your butt is made up of 3 muscles

The first thing you need to know is that when you talk about your butt, you are talking about three muscles in your backside.

Your butt is made up of three gluteal muscles – the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus. All these muscles are covered with a layer of fat.

These muscles are what help you stand up from a sitting position, stay upright, walk, climb stairs, and stabilize your pelvis.

So, if you want a bigger butt, you have to work on making those three muscles grow. You can achieve that with proper and specific training. We will talk about that shortly.

The size of your butt depends on the amount of fat covering your gluteus

Just like your abs, which are covered with body fat, the appearance and size of your butt has a lot to do with the amount of fat covering your gluteus.

For many people, getting a nicely-shaped butt depends on losing enough fat on their backside.

It is reported that on average women in USA have about 40% body fat and men about 28%.

It is believed that men should aim for 15% body fat and women about 20% in order to make their butts look bigger and rounder.

 It’s not all about squats

Yes, squats are a great exercise for your butt. However, doing only squats won’t do the job.

Of course, you should do them if you can and you should progressively challenge and push yourself with them to really work your glutes.

However, there is plenty of other exercises you should be doing. We will cover some of those exercises shortly.

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Moving on to natural butt enhancements.

Natural Butt Enhancements

Natural butt enhancement methods include dieting, exercising, and the use of creams to enlarge or lift your butt.

One major benefit of natural butt enhancement methods is their longer lasting results.

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One of the most important natural butt enhancement methods is dieting. Stay with us to learn more!

Modifying Your Diet

Abiding by the appropriate nutritional plan can do incredible things to enlarge your booty and increase its firmness.

Three classes of food that really works for booty growth are high carb foods, proteins, and healthy fats.

It is very important to avoid high calorie foods because they would only lead to general weight gain, and defeat the purpose of working on your booty and your booty alone.

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Next, we discuss the best exercises for making your booty bigger.

What Exercises Make Your Booty Bigger?

In addition to dieting, you need to also work out. A combination of these two things would cause your butt to grow in all the right ways, and fast. 

Did you know that consuming protein around the time of your work out (either at the end or before you start) would increase the rate at which your booty muscles grow?

The most recommended glute exercises for a better butt are squats, deadlifts and kettlebell swings.

If possible, get yourself enrolled in a gym where the instructors are particular about butt enhancement. You would be better motivated than when you are doing it all by yourself.

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Next, we talk about bum enhancement creams.

Bum Enhancement Creams

So what if you don’t have the time or inclination to hit the gym? Or, you have been exercising and the results on your backside don’t line up with your efforts?

In that case, you could try using butt enhancement creams.

They are great and would not take much of your time per day.

There are two categories of butt enhancement creams; the ones that use completely natural formulation and those that use chemicals to aid the process.

We recommend natural butt enhancement creams.

Why Natural Butt Enhancement Creams?

Its true that we use chemicals on a daily basis and we would continue to do so, but some chemicals are simply harmful and must be avoided.

According to scientific research, parabens and propylene glycol, the two chemicals that are vastly used in cosmetic beauty to manufacture butt enhancement products can be linked to breast cancer and organ diseases respectively.

There are several other chemicals used in the cosmetic beauty industry that are extremely harmful. To be on the safe side, its best to use natural enhancement creams.

Additionally, certain butt enhancement creams that use chemicals are deceptive.

They increase your butt size within a short time period, sure, but it doesn’t take long before the fat drops back to the way it was when you started.

We  recommend natural enhancement treatments for your butt and any part of your body for that matter.

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One company that does well in this natural butt enhancement products niche is IsoSensuals. Among other reasons, this company has gained its credibility by providing ultimate costumer satisfaction.

IsoSensuals – The Company and its Products

IsoSensuals is a cosmetic beauty company based in the USA.

They specialize in the manufacture of body treatment and sexual wellness products.

The fact that their products meet the strict regulatory standards of the food and drug agency (FDA) says a lot about this company.

Many of their products are in the market space, but for the sake of this article, we shall be reviewing IsoSensuals curve, a body treatment cream they developed to enhance your butt.

IsoSensuals Curve

This product was manufactured as a cream and a pill. For better effectiveness, it’s recommended you use both of them, but if you are low on budget you could make do with just the cream.

You would get the same result anyway, only it may be a little slower.

The active ingredient in this formulation is called voluplus.

It functions by multiplying the number of fat cells in your butt, the volume of these cells also increase as you continue to use IsoSensuals curve, giving you a progressive butt enlargement.

Like every other natural treatment, it would take days or weeks of consistent usage before you begin to see tangible results. But the good thing is that it works so its worth the patience.

Some people are not patient, so when they use IsoSensuals curve for a couple of days and see no changes, they dump it and say it doesn’t work.

But the truth is, if you use it long enough you would know that it works.

Because IsoSensuals company is so confident of this, they offer a massive six months pay back guarantee.

So, if the product doesn’t work for you after six months you just write an email to them for a refund of your money.

However, you wouldn’t need to this if you used the product for that long.

How It Is Applied

There are no special instructions. You take the pills the same way you take every other pill.

When using the cream, its best you use circular motion technique so its content would be easily absorbed into your body.

Use IsoSensuals Curve twice daily. Choose the interval that suits you but try not to miss on any day.

Why Choose IsoSensuals?

As earlier stated, IsoSensuals make use of a completely natural formulation. This means you would not have to be worrying about side effects or allergic reactions when the product get into your blood stream.

An overnight change is not guaranteed but what is guaranteed is a long lasting result, if you are patient and determined. In addition to that, unlike other butt enhancement creams, the result won’t change if you exercise while also using IsoSensuals.

Perhaps you want to lose weight in other areas of your body while enhancing your butt, IsoSensuals curve would help you achieve this.

Is there any better way to validate a product than knowing what others have to say about it?

IsoSensuals curve has over 5000 reviews on Amazon alone.

Now, it’s aright to be skeptical about reviews because big companies can easily buy reviews from freelancing sites like fiverr. But observing the IsoSensuals reviews on Amazon, you would discover that most of them are tagged ‘verified purchase’.

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They are reviews by real people who have purchased the products and a good percentage of them are positive reviews.

Where Can You Buy IsoSensuals Curve?

You may not find them in your local store so don’t bother to check there. You can purchase the product either from IsoSensuals website or from Amazon. Amazon offers free shipping so they seem to be a better choice if you want to save some money.

Natural butt enhancement is a safer, less expensive way to achieve your desired butt outlook. Don’t waste any more time, get started today on the journey towards a bigger, firmer butt.

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