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How to Get a Bigger Toned Booty Without Exercise

When you think summer fun at the beach, your thoughts will almost always come around to how your body will look in that bikini.

You want to work on getting your bum thicker and sexier without all the sweaty exercising, too. Who wants to spend hours in the gym focused on one body part?

Having a nice toned, and big (but not fat) buttocks just in time for the beach can feel great, and we’re here to offer you some tips on how to get it without having to work out – and fast!

how to get a bigger booty without exercise

While you should be working out for a slimmer and trimmer you overall, we have a few ways you can increase the size of your bum without tons of effort.

Straight Posture

One of the easiest ways to increase the size of your booty is to practice better posture. It’s good for your back and gives your butt a lift.

This is true whether you’re sitting or standing. When your hips are tucked under, it keeps your booty shifted down when it should be lifted.

It increases the strength in your hip muscles and your core, which is always important for proper posture.

Weak posture doesn’t show off your assets to their best potential. It makes your entire body look slumped and incredibly unattractive.

Even the most beautiful person in the world looks defeated and depressed when they walk all slumped over with bad posture.

Supportive Underwear

Instead of wearing saggy panties that would fit better on your granny, you can wear snug, supportive garments that will work to keep your butt from sagging.

Gravity can be incredibly detrimental to your body parts. Head to work with supportive garments that will train your booty to stay upright and lifted.

Day after day, your butt will stay lifted and firm without sagging. If you can keep your butt lifted as you age, you don’t even need to worry about gaining a bigger booty at all.

Tight undergarments like Spanx have a few benefits. They’ll keep your booty smooth when you’re wearing work clothes.

Pantyhose and Spanx are the key to a smooth, shapely booty in your business attire. That’s 8-10 hours a day of supportive lift in your backside.

We recommend paying extra attention to your blood flow when you’re wearing supportive underwear.

Remember that if it doesn’t feel good in any way (ie. it feels too tight in the wrong places), don’t suffer through it.

If you remember what corsets and high heels did to women, keep this in mind with your booty.  You don’t want to restrict blood flow for too long.

At the same time, some supportive underwear might even stimulate blood flow to that area.  All we are saying is pay attention to how your bum looks and feels while wearing it.

Exfoliation and Healthy Skin

Along with increased blood flow to the area of the butt, you can revitalize, lift, and tone the skin with personal massage and exfoliation. It’ll leave your skin healthy and toned.

Dry brushing has incredible benefits of stimulating blood flow to the area. This is great exfoliation for the skin.

You can make your own scrub with coffee grounds, sugar and essential oils that will soften and firm at the same time.

The caffeine in the coffee grounds will actually firm and tighten your skin.

It’s a natural way to lift without exercise. Plus, you’ll end up with smooth skin if you plan on wearing a thong on the beach.

Butt Enhancement Creams

There is a divergence of views when it comes to using butt enhancement creams. The question of ‘does it work?’ still hangs in the air for most people.

The fact is, there are many butt enhancement creams that fail to keep their promise but there are also others that truly work.

When searching for a butt enhancement cream, its better to use naturally made creams. They are the most effective and have lower risk of side effects.

Butt enhancement creams are applied to the skin the same way you use a body lotion, only that you apply them to your booty alone (except you want to see fat in other areas of your body).

Ideally, the cream contains ingredients that would be absorbed into your blood stream and transported to your muscle cells.

Our Favourite Butt Enhancement Creams

These are the best butt enhancement creams according to our editors.

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Foods for a Bigger Booty

Its impossible to think of having a bigger, more firm booty without putting your diet into consideration.

The reason is quite obvious, your muscles grow mainly because they are fed with nutrients.

Every other external activity such as exfoliation, wearing supportive dressing and practicing good posture are aimed at improving what good nutrition does, they are not a substitute for a good diet.

The main areas that you’ll be focusing on for a bigger booty is the gluteus maximus and the fat on your butt and hips. To increase your gluts, you’ll need to work on both of those things.

While you might think that eating processed junk foods will instantly put more fat on your booty, it is more likely to hit other areas of the body first.

There are some foods that will work to increase the muscles of your booty, without giving you unwanted fat in other parts of your body.


Muscles make the difference between a firm booty and one that is not very firm. To have a firm booty, you would need to develop your booty muscles.

Protein is a great muscle builder. It contains amino acid, which is what your muscles need to grow and develop. When you make eating high protein foods a habit,  the result would definitely show on your booty.

Lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish are terrific sources of protein for the bigger butt that you want.

It’ll give you the nice, round, firm shape instead of packing on fat to the region.

how to get a nice big butt

Protein shakes are a great source of protein. It’s the same shakes that body builders use to pack on the muscle.

The fact that proteins are the building block for a firm booty does not mean taking excess protein in a day would increase your results by the same measure. It could actually do the opposite.

There is a limit to the amount of protein your body can process per time, the excess protein is usually not useful to your body. Research has shown that this excess protein is  the cause of booty fat in many  women.

Complex Carbs and Good Fats

For many years, carbohydrate rich foods have been seen as sources of energy and nothing more. But scientific research in recent times has progressively revealed the vast importance of carbohydrate to the human body.

Taking high carbohydrate food increases the release of insulin in your body.

The insulin released helps to quickly transport nutrients to cells where they are needed – including the cells of your muscles, making the muscles to have an almost instant access to nutrients.

This alone leads to rapid development of the muscles. In order to maximize the benefits of protein and carbohydrate, it is best you eat carbohydrate and protein rich foods daily.

When you are trying to figure out the good carbs from the bad ones, think about the whole foods versus the processed ones. You don’t want white, processed bread, but you do want whole grain breads.

Choose sweet potatoes instead of potato chips. Good fats are olive oil, nuts, and seeds. A few provide protein as well as good fats, too.

When you slim down with a good diet, your booty will often look bigger when compared to a small waist.


Finally, as a last resort, you can choose supplements that will target your booty.

Booty enhancing supplements are designed to contain the right proportion of nutrient needed to give you a round, curvy butt.

There are many of such supplements out there so it can be quite a challenge to pick the one that is best for you.

If you are in the market for booty enhancement supplements then it’s better you go for estrogen  rich supplements.

These type of supplements heighten the production of  estrogen, the growth hormone responsible for the growth of butt and breast in women. Here are two great estrogen based supplements you can use today.

Bovine Ovary

Bovine Ovary is a supplement that works specifically to raise estrogen levels in the body. It is a form of glandular supplement that is derived from the ovaries of a cow.

Don’t gasp at the thought of swallowing a pill made from the ovaries of an animal, there are no negative health implications and in addition to that, bovine ovaries have proven to have an amazing track record of success.

This supplement would not only enhance your booty but also your breast because it functions by stimulating the pituitary gland to promote the production if more growth hormones, just like the days of your puberty.

Swanson raw ovarian glandular is one of the top rated bovine ovary pill. The product have been in the public space for long now and there have been amazing testimonies by women who have used it.

It was produced be Swanson, a US based supplier of health care supplements.

Their products are properly tested for performance and safety usage by the food and drug administration (FDA) before being released to the public so you are rest assured that you are not wasting your money when you buy Swanson raw ovarian glandular.

Swanson Premium Raw Ovarian Glandular 250mg

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Pueraria Mirafica

Pueraria Mirafica is a medicinal plant that originated from Asia.

Early usage of this plant is traced to as far back as the 13th century where it was used locally to treat various ailments.

With the emergence of modern science, Pueraria Mirafica is modified to meet more health related challenges.

The roots of this plant contains phytoestrogen, a plant hormone that behaves like the estrogen in women. Phytoestrogen is used as a supplement to enhance the development and size of both the breast and booty.

Vegetarians can take Pueraria Mirifica pills, which is a plant extract that has phytoestrogens. That’s plant estrogen. We recommend these by Barlowe’s Herbal Elixers.

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You can certainly increase the size of your booty without exercise, but you’ll have to make other changes to your routine.

Eat a healthy diet full of protein, better your posture, and use butt-lifting shapewear under your clothing at work.

You could even do small butt lifts while sitting in your chair at work or driving in your car. It’s not a huge amount of exercise and can make a huge difference.

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