how to avoid raccoon eyes while tanning
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How To Avoid Raccoon Eyes From Tanning

how to avoid raccoon eyes from tanning

If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to have skin so pale that, if left to its own devices, will nearly blind others with its whiteness.  

In other words, you appreciate a good tanning bed session, to make yourself look less like a creature of the night.

However, as anyone with experience in tanning beds knows, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up coming out looking somewhat like another creature of the night… the raccoon.

Therefore, I thought I’d come to your rescue with some surefire ways to avoid such calamity.

Tanning Goggles – To Remove Or Not Remove

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One way to avoid raccoon eyes, is to simply remove the tanning goggles for part of your session.  

However, this is not recommended, as getting even the smallest bit of that uv light in your eyes can do some serious damage, and let’s face it, even raccoon eyes are better than making yourself blind.

Therefore, wearing protective goggles is really the only safe way to tan.  How, then, do you prevent tan lines?  

First off, don’t cheap out on the goggles.

The California Tan Pro-Specs Eyewear is a little pricier than many, but I invested in a pair and they work really well, as implied by the many happy customers in the reviews.

These have never done me wrong, and have lasted me a year, and many satisfying tanning sessions so far.  

I have converted many  friends to this model, and let me tell you, I haven’t heard any complaints!

How To Use Tanning Goggles – Basic Tips

how to use tanning gogglesNow that you have a good pair of goggles, which is the first step toward tanning success, you need to figure out how to use them to their maximum capacity in avoiding those raccoon eyes.

The best and easiest way I’ve found, is to simply re-position the goggles slightly every few minutes.  

This way, the area around your eyes tans a lot more consistently, and you can avoid the raccoon effect.

Make sure the bottom ridge of the goggles is sitting along your bottom eyelid at all times.

Then, start out with the right lens corner lined up with the corner of your right eye.

A minute or so later, shift the goggles, so that the left lens corner lines up with the corner of your left eye.

how to avoid raccoon eyes while tanning

Continue to alternate between the two positions, every minute or two on the tanning bed, until your session is over.

This has never failed me, and does not cost anything extra.  

The sun will thank you for looking as though you belong under its rays, rather than as though you belong in the raccoon exhibit at the local zoo.

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope my advice helps you out on your road to looking like you just walked off a sunny beach in California.

Happy tanning!

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