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How To Attain That Perfect Beach Body And Keep It

BeachBabyBob is 71 and he teaches fitness classes (he calls them “movement” classes) at the local YMCA in his hometown in Canada.  He has been a certified fitness instructor for over 20 years and teaches weekly.  He always runs this website.  Today he’s going to help you get that perfect beach body with the help of skills he has learned over the years.  Once you learn his methods, not only will you have that rockin’ beach body, but you’ll be healthy and, most importantly, you’ll keep that physique as long as you stick to what he shows you here.  Here he is with his wife of 50 years, Beach Baby Sue.

Bob spends 2 months in beautiful Bucerias, Mexico every winter living in a “tree house” on the roof of a quaint Mexican hotel steps from Banderas Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

It takes Bob and his wife Sue, 70 steps to get to the tree house, and this very active couple, make many journeys up and down those steps every day.  Think about carrying your groceries each day to their paradise apartment next to the biggest parota tree in Bucerias.  This hotel has no elevator!  You may think that simple things like not taking an elevator aren’t exactly related to getting that ideal body you want, but they sure are.  Keep reading!  And now, a quick look from BBBob’s treehouse in Mexico!

According to BBBob, attaining that perfect beach body starts with movement and flexibility.  As such, BBBob teaches a movement class in Bucerias every Friday morning for an hour beginning at 10 a.m., and it’s free too!  A few signs were posted and about 12 people show up with their yoga mat every week, even though Bob calls the class … Not Yoga!

Here is a typical one hour lesson plan that BBBob would deliver to his clients. Yes, the people who come live at the beach for several months each year, and yes they want to look their best.  More importantly, they all want to maintain the best health they can for as long as possible.  Bob wants to help them with that.

Let’s see what happens in one of Bob’s – “Not Yoga” classes.

Sample Lesson

1.  Warmup: shoulder swings and hips.
2.  Golden 8 Energy Balancing Exercises
3.  Mat work:  Stuart McGill’s nerve flossing for the low back i.e. leg extension with head back, the table making boxes with alternate arm and leg, side plank
4.  Squats and lunges
5.  Memory Hangers up to 10
6.  Ba Gua Trigrams

Practise the Golden 8 every day.
Do the 3 Stuart McGill back exercises whenever you need to.
Squats and lunges – practise makes permanent
Stay tuned for more on the memory stuff i.e. quantum learning strategies


This part of the workout doesn’t have to be too long but the big muscles of the legs such as the hamstrings and quadriceps, should be challenged.  Some fast walking, maybe some stairs, or a few squats and lunges, would be a good start.


Bob likes to begin with the shoulders.  He also likes to use a mirror if there is one handy.  Form is most important and the mirror will continue to remind you about the proper form.  There are shoulder shrugs and shoulder swings; biceps and triceps; and presses such as overhead and pecs.  You might as well work the bottom of your body at the same time, and maybe this would be a good time to introduce weights.  Try lifting knees high or doing some kick backs.  Don’t forget to work the adductors and abductors too.   This would also be a good time to challenge your balance and find out if your core muscles are willing to cooperate with you today.

Core muscles are found throughout your entire body but the main 4 core muscles should always be on your mind when you are moving throughout your day.  The diaphragm and deep breathing good hand in hand.  The kegel muscles in your pelvic floor are a must.  The benefits of having strong kegels are too numerous to leave out.  Everyone has a transverse abdominus core muscle that is close to your spine and encircles your body like a girdle.  It works in conjunction with the multifidus muscles that run up your legs, glutes, and back to keep you stable.

The Golden 8 Energy Balancing Exercises should be done every day, no matter if your workout is aquatics, cycling, or going for a long power walk or run.  These 8 chi gung exercises will “say a gentle hello” to your entire body.

Maybe it’s BBBob’s age, maybe it’s because he thinks and breathes “wellness”, but low back (lumber spine) exercises have to be part of all workouts.  A yoga class will do you the world of good if you have no idea how to exercise your back properly.  Bob does a gentle yoga class once a week back in his home town and he loves it and so does his body.  Bob is always investigating fitness and the “big picture” and he recently came across a world famous back specialist by the name of Stuart McGill.  Bob has watched all of his videos on youtube and read everything he could find about his “back” philosophy.  For Bob, it comes to Stuart’s “Big 3 Back Exercises”.  Actually, there are four exercises you must include into your life movement routine no matter what your age, or what state your back is in.

When most people think of an exercise programme, they don’t mention food.  Well, BBBob does!  Some experts say that it’s only about calories going in and calories going out that matters.  There is an endless amount of diet programmes available to you as well, and they all say you must do what they say to lose weight. Bob would like to keep the food thing fairly simple.  The Mayo Clinic in Boston USA puts out the 10 Best Foods on the Planet that everyone should eat.  Bob posted the list of 10 on his fridge, and tries to incorporate as many of these super foods into his daily eating habits.


You must keep your heart pumping to the best of its ability.  BBBob’s suggests that you think like a kid.  Go running, swimming, walking, biking, dancing, and play games that you love, every day.

Cool Down:

Slow down because you deserve it after a full body workout!  Bob suggests you try standing, sitting, or lying down and be as still as you can.  Just using your 6 fingers, not the baby and thumbs.  Take your fingers and brain through the Ba Gua Trigrams.

You could try the 8 body taps or maybe do a body scan.  Whatever you choose, it is just for you.  You are worth it!

Brain Power:

BBBob loves to problem solve.  Yes he uses the internet for many things like where to travel to next or finding a great salad recipe, or maybe just for paying bills.  For Bob, it is all about life long learning.  He believes in writing a “grateful” journal just before bed, where he lists new learnings that he experienced that day. Bob keeps it all positive too!  He thinks positive!  He socializes with positive people!  He travels to positive places!  If you got this far in this article about wellness, congratulations and BeachBabyBob wants to leave you with one last suggestion … find out what you can about QUANTUM LEARNING!


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