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How Forever 21 is Channeling Coachella This Summer

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Forever 21 is hands down one of my favourite stores for many reasons. It is affordable, good quality, up to date with trends, and is also cost efficient. One of their newest advertisements is called ‘Spotted at the Festival.’ Essentially, the section is aimed to channel pieces that were seen at the 2017 Coachella festival.

One of the newest features that I love the most off of the Forever 21 website is the users ability to go through Instagram photos and see which pieces the model is wearing. In some cases, one of the pieces the model is wearing is not from Forever 21 and the site offers a similar alternative off of their website.

The featured Instagrammers that Forever 21 has advertised on the front of their webpage include Claudia Tihan, John Woods, Cindy Do and Cam Mirren.

The site has a selection of pieces that cultivates a rough estimation of the primary trends that were sported at this years Coachella. According to Forever 21, yellow was a huge colour at Coachella. The cheap store has now incorporated the colour yellow into a multitude of their pieces ranging from sunglasses to bathing suites and shorts and shirts.

The Coachella selection also featured lots of tie-dye pieces such as swimsuits and t-shirts. Another prevalent theme at this years music festival.

To stay true to the annual trend of bizarre head pieces,  Forever 21 has included some Coachella-esque hair accessories ranging from sequin bunny ears to rainbow pom pom head bands to the standard floral crown.

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Vibrant colours were also a hot trend at this years music festival. Forever 21 did not skip out on this trend seeing that a majority of their pieces are florescent and eye catching colours in a multitude of styles to suite the style needs of an array of fashionistas.

As show cased by Kendall Jenner at this years festival, 90s inspired body chains are making a come back. The high polish bralettes of gold  and silver pieces are making a definite comeback for this summer.

A piece that I was very excited to see showcased on Forever 21’s website were the translucent visor. This piece is so 90s and aesthetically pleasing but also so lowkey that I immediately had to add the item to my shopping cart. I also appreciate that the site is offering it in a multitude of colours including red, pink, yellow and green.

Forever 21 however, dominated in the sunglass section. I was mesmerized by the array of crazy but funky styles the site was offering. They sold a multitude of aviator styled glasses with different lens colours as well as John Lennon inspired circular glasses to cat eyed mirrored shades.

All and all… The website did very well in recreating some of the most notable looks from Coachella 2017. Their selection of items was well thought out and resembled the pieces that were seen at the festival. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to what some of the stars were sporting at Coachella, most definitely check out the Forever 21 festival section. I promise you won’t be disapointed.

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