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Goodbye Victoria’s Secret – Hello Triangl

In high school, I remember around summertime, a huge topic of discussion would be Triangl bikinis.  

Girls would show up to school with pairs of these bikinis, and they would trade them off to one another as if they were pokemon cards.  

Sadly enough, the amount of Triangl bikini’s you owned defined how in season you would be.

I call it crazy, but some girls at school called it pure eleganza.

Although I would frequently visit all of the Triangl’s social media pages (eg. their Facebook page) to adore the models sporting the swimwear, I never bought anything from the collection due to the hefty price tag.

Today is a new day and a special day at that.  

It is finally the day where I will be uncovering every square inch of the Triangle line, and will be exploring everything you need to know.  

I also will be exploring the most popular styles, and will be giving some insight into some secrets not revealed on their website.

About The Company

Triangl swimwear was launched in 2012 after a duo consisting of Erin Deering and Ellis Craig launched a line of bikinis after Erin claimed she couldn’t find any stylish and affordable bikinis that she would sport.

triangl bikini

The once small brand soon took off after it had established a name for itself after being spotted on A-List celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus.  

Soon enough, girls from all around the world were flocking to the Triangl website to snatch themselves a piece from the most sought after collections of the year.

triangl bikini style

A Surf Girl’s Dream

I can’t lie. One of the most annoying things about swimsuit season is preparing for the overly excessive amount of material bunching and unflattering wedgies.  

This is to be expected due to the fact that a majority of swimwear is made out of materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex.

triangl bikini style

Triangle, however, is extremely unique in the sense that it is made out of neoprene material, which provides a buldge and wedgie free fit.  

For those who are unfamiliar with the material of neoprene, it is a synthetic rubber that provides the perfect amount of flexibility in an array of temperatures, which explains why it was the material chosen for the production of wetsuits.

Triangl Dropped The E But Is Not Very Cheeky

This may be a deal breaker to some, but the original styles do not provide a revealing bottom.

This means that the bottom half of the swimsuit will not provide any butt cheek action. They cover the bottom completely, meaning they do not provide a high cut.

The OG’S Of Triangl

When I hear the words “triangl” my mind is brought back to the starter style the brand had initially launched before they expanded their collection. Poppy, Chloe, Black Neon and Milly were the original styles.

Chloe: The claims of this bikini are that it has a fixed triangle top, and a hipster style bottom, and it also provides medium coverage.  

The Chloe Bikini comes in six different colors; Arizona Sunset, Santa Rosa Splash, Miami Mint, California Coral, Indian Ice and Malibu blue.  

However, the most popular color amongst the bunch is Miami Mint.

green triangl bikini

Visit to see more

Poppy: This swimsuit is another cult favorite due to its unique detailing and style.  It has a balconette style bikini top with a moulded cup and underwire.  

It has a hipster bikini bottom, and a high curved side allowing some cheeky bottom action.

The most appealing and unique aspect to this bikini however, is its intricate color designs.

This style comes in 13 shades including Sea Spritz, Berry Lights, Bubblegum Blue, Flamingo Fling, Marshmallow Yellow, Paradise Palms, Blue Crush, Summer Sorbet, Peach Soda, Pink Lemonade, Cola Pop, Melon Rose and Wizz Fizz.  

The most popular styling of this bikini being Wizz Fizz.


Black Neon: This bikini is one of the more simplistic, yet effective styles Triangl has to offer. Its bra style top is made out of mesh.  

The bottoms, however, are a signature smooth black matte with a hipster bikini bottom and a high waist cut.  

It comes in three different styles, Yellow Flash, Pink Rush and Orange Burst. The most popular style of this bikini being in Yellow Flash.

girl in triangl bikini

Milly: If I were to purchase a Trianl bikini, I would most definitely choose one from the Milly collection.  

The Milly stylings also come with a balconette style top, but differ with its moulded cup with underwire.

They have a high hipster bottom and high curved sides, and offer an intricate lining on the tops as well as a black rimming on the bottom.

The Milly collection also comes in nine styles; Pretty In Pink, St Tropez Sun, Capri Cruise, Santa Rosa Splash, Arizona Sunset, New York Noir, Las Vegas Lights, Candy Pink and Indian Ice.  

The most popular styling of the Milly’s being New York Noir and Candy Pink.


The More Recent Styles

After browsing the website, I have picked three of my favorite newer styled swimsuits, that I believe are worth a look.

Winnie: The Winnie collection features a structured bandeau style top with flexible boning, and a functional zip down the middle piece of the bikini top.  

The bottoms are hipster bottoms with a high-curved sides.

The Winnie comes in six styles; Miami Mint, New York Noir, Arizona Sunset, Molly Rosewolf, Jessy Nightfox and Dakota Superbly.  

The most popular style amongst the Winnie’s being Miami Mint.


Farrah: This collection features a blanket stitch and crochet bra styled top.  The bottoms also include a blanket stitch with a hipster bottom and high-curved sides.  

The Farrah comes in nine different styles; Dancing In The Wind, Cherry Love, Sunset Dreams, Summer Serenade, Golden Fields, Flower Girl, Hotel California, Wild Thing and Brown Sugar.  

The most popular from this collection being Flower Girl.


Billie: The Billie has a bra style top with some lining seen.The bottoms are cheeky bum bottom with high-curved sides.  

The Billie comes in three select styles; Into The Night, Sea Salt and Fantasy Flash, the most popular style being Into The Night.

triangl bikini

Hope you enjoyed reading my take on the Triangl styles of the season. After scoping out their collections, they are definitely on my “to buy” radar from now on.  

Oh, BTW, you can hit up to shop for swimwear.  

Their website is the legit place to get their stuff, and lately I’ve been on there and picked out a few things. What can I say? Amazing!

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