Going Snorkeling with a Beard or Mustache

For those out there that have had the privilege of being able to grow a manly beard and mustache combo, such as the guy in the picture below, you may find it to be a source of pride, security, and a display of pure prowess as a man.

Going Snorkeling with a Beard or Mustache

If you’ve taken the time to grow one of these bad boys out, then you’ve probably thought to yourself, “What could the disadvantages be of me wearing a beard?”  

While there are, admittedly, few that we can think of, one difficulty you could run into may stem from your inability to go snorkeling.

If you are one of those who like to grow a beard and are a big fan of snorkeling, stay with us because we will talk about:

Ok, let’s start with…

Can I snorkel with a beard?

Going to a beach is usually a great fun, especially if there are good locations to go for snorkeling. Swimming, snorkeling, making amazing underwater photos… Can it get any better!?

This fun should be available for everyone, including bearded men.

Bearded men don’t want to miss out on all the fun but don’t want to sacrifice their hard-earned beard either. We totally get that!

Bearded guys, you are probably curious as to whether you can use a full face snorkel mask with that amazing beard of yours.

Truth is, there is no a simple answer when it comes to beards and full face snorkel masks. Whether you can go snorkeling with your beard depends on the size of your beard, the shape of your beard, the style of your beard, the type of the snorkel mask you wish to use, etc.

If your beard is short and well trimmed, you will probably be able to go snorkeling.

However, if you are one of those men who like their beard to be really long, you will probably have to sacrifice some of your beard in order to be able to go snorkeling.

Moving on…

Why would I have any difficulties snorkeling with a beard?

If you’ve taken a look at our articles covering the Best Snorkel Masks of 2019, then you’ll notice a common theme in our selections – all of the masks are full frontal masks, sort of like the Tribord Easybreath full face snorkel mask here:

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask review

If you’ve done the math so far, then you’ve probably realized that the guy we have pictured above probably wouldn’t be able to completely put this snorkel mask on his face with that beard.  

This could essentially render the entire mask ineffective for use, because if it cannot fit over your whole face, then water would easily seep into the mask, which would make breathing, seeing, and snorkeling impossible, and essentially defeat the purpose of the activity altogether. 

Hey, don’t lose all hopes! We are here to help you. Stay with us to learn about some tips and tricks that could help you use a full face snorkel mask, without having to sacrifice  your beard.

Here are the tips and tricks…

How to stop snorkel masks from leaking?

When you’re using a snorkel mask you need to ensure that there’s a proper watertight seal between your face and the mask.

This seal is the only thing that prevents water from leaking into your mask. If the seal is not doing its job properly, then the snorkel mask is completely useless!

Having a beard will usually get in the way of creating a proper seal. The little hairs from your beard can creep in between the silicon lining and create little holes where the water can seep in.

This doesn’t mean you have to ditch your snorkel mask just because you have a beard!

We bring you some tips and tricks to help you ensure your snorkel mask seal doesn’t get broken so you can enjoy snorkeling without having to sacrifice your beard:

  1. Shave the bit under your nose
    Don’t worry, we are not telling you to shave all of it. By shaving the area below your nostrils you will expose a bit of bare skin where the mask can easily seal.
  2. Use a mask with a silicon seal over PVC
    Silicon is much more flexible than PVC, even when temperatures change. Silicon will fit better to your face and make a better seal than PVC.
  3. Give it a trim
    Again, we are not telling you to shave all of it. Just give your beard a little trim. By thinning your beard you will allow the mask to seal to your face more easily.
  4. Use a grease
    Using a specially formulated grease can make it a lot easier for you to seal your mask. There are plenty of products you can buy in local shops or online that will do the job. It is worth mentioning that it can be a bit tricky to get the grease of your facial hair afterwards. However, warm water, soap and patience will do the job.
  5. Don’t make it too tight
    Your initial idea will be to tighten your mask. You would think this would make it more difficult for water to enter the mask. However, you’d be wrong. Silicon is designed to be soft and pliable. So, if you tighten your mask too much, you will make the silicon seal to rigid. This will make the mask leak even more.
    What  you need to do is to loosen the mask. However, keep in mind that a mask that is too lose will also leak. So, don’t rush! Take your time to find the perfect tension for your mask.

Here is the final option…

What if my snorkel mask is leaking no matter what?

Well, the very obvious and immediate solution would be to shave your beard.  However, for those that take pride in their beard, and have spent a tremendous amount of time and attention caring for and curating their masterpiece, this may not be an option.

Another solution could be to forego the activity of snorkeling altogether.  

That said, for those who are avid snorkeling fans, and wish to indulge in this wondrous experience, this isn’t, and shouldn’t be, considered a possible solution either.

You can also decide to use a standard snorkel mask instead of a full face mask.

Nowadays most snorkelers decide to use full face masks as they are much better than the standard one. We will explain why the full face masks are better later on in the post.

In the event that you do not wish to cut off your beard, or abandon the hobby of snorkeling, or apply the mask sealer to your beard, or use a standard snorkel mask, you are still not out of luck.  

Fortunately, there are snorkel mask manufacturers that have anticipated this issue already, and have designed some masks that are perfect to address the problem.

We’ll cover one of those masks below.

What is the best full face snorkel mask for bearded snorkelers?

Nowadays there is plenty of snorkel masks designed for bearded snorkelers. However, non does the job as effectively as the world famous Homitt Panoramic Snorkel Mask

You can tell by the design of this bad boy, it’s perfect for someone with a big man beard.  

As you can see at the bottom of this mask, there appears to be an extra section at the bottom that extends beyond one’s chin to fully cover that area.  

With the possible use of sealant in addition to this mask, there is no doubt that this mask will cover your beard without posing any unnecessary inconveniences.

Check price on Amazon now

In addition, the mask also contains a large host of features that will enhance your snorkeling experience, so you won’t have to compromise quality at all to solve the problem.

180 Degree Visibility

The mask comes with 180-degrees of visibility, which is crucial for being able to see what’s going on while you’re out there snorkeling.  

This is a feature that you simply won’t find on every snorkel mask, and definitely one of those ones that greatly enhances the overall prowess of the mask itself.

 It also comes with anti-fog technology to ensure that your view doesn’t become obstructed while you’re out there snorkeling, another key feature, as this is not only a great annoyance, but a safety hazard as well.


The mask screen is made of material that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about shattering or unclear views under the water.  This is because the screen is made of polycarbonate material.  

This type of material is the latest and greatest in snorkel mask technology, and something that you should expect to find on the very best snorkel masks that have ever been created and released for commercial consumption. 

Mouthpiece Free

And if all this isn’t enough, this mask also has a mouthpiece free design, which means that you don’t have to worry about fooling with a mouthpiece in a way that will compromise your beard.  

This may be one of the biggest benefits for those with a lot of facial hair, because it has been reported by multiple individuals online that one of their biggest problems in wearing a snorkel mask when they have a lot of facial hair, is that they are unable to use the mouthpiece in conjunction with the growth of their moustache, and they are obviously unwilling to cut it.  

By allowing wearers to breathe without the use of a mouthpiece, the Homitt Panoramic mask has eliminated this issue completed.

Snorkeling Mask with Anti-Fog

The comfortable straps on the back of the mask also make it very easy for you to adjust the mask, so that it fits you perfectly without worry.  

This is another crucial feature for those with beards, because you will need to take a little bit of time adjusting the straps after you first purchase this item, in order to get the ‘perfect’ fit.

Did we mention that the mask is GoPro compatible as well?  

For those who don’t know what a ‘GoPro’ is, it’s a mini-camera that can be attached to objects or even animals while recording the video of what is taking place, in order to gain a first-person view of the activity that the wearer is doing.  

It’s pretty much a really convenient, hands-free way of recording what’s going on.  This is a huge bonus, because many individuals these days love to record their experiences while participating in various activities.

Homitt Panoramic Snorkel

Now, full face masks vs standard masks

Why are full face snorkel masks better than standard snorkel masks?

We bring you the three main reasons of using a full face snorkel mask over a standard snorkel mask:

  1. Visibility
    Most masks come with a curved lens which extends behind your eyes, providing you with a clear 180 degree view. The frame of the mask is behind your vision line, meaning you don’t have a frame that could alter your view.
  2. Water barrier
    Full face snorkel masks seal around your whole face, decreasing the chance of water sipping into the mask. You can even smile underwater, not worrying the water will get into the mask.
  3. Natural breathing
    Full face masks allow you to inhale and exhale through either your nose or mouth. This helps you stay calmer and more relaxed while snorkeling. Also, the absence of a mouth piece makes snorkeling more comfortable and fun.

Final Analysis

Beards are simply not a great idea when it comes to snorkeling. They can prevent your mask from creating a proper watertight seal, leading to water leaking into the mask. However, by  using some of the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can avoid this from happening.

So, if you are an avid snorkeling fan, and find yourself with a rather large amount of facial hair, and are worried about your ability to snorkel, then you can rest peacefully tonight knowing that you don’t need to compromise your beard or your love of snorkeling.

Thanks for reading!

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