GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Scooter E-Bike- Black

Gigabyke Groove E-Bike Moped Review

Let’s get talking about the Gigabyke Groove Super Eco-friendly, black Moped!

This moped can go up to 20 mph, and yes, I know what you’re thinking – wow, that is rather slow…. but hear me out, for a 100 percent all electric moped, that’s pretty damn fast, allowing you to travel up to 35 miles per charge.

This bike runs off of a 48v, 14Ah battery, providing this moped with its travel juice.  Do you like traveling around the city, or taking small commutes to the grocery store?  Then this bike is just perfect for you!  

But, be sure to keep your trip under 35 miles round trip, as this bad boy only keeps 35 miles per charge as mentioned, unless you’re near an outlet to charge up your moped in the time being.

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Gigabyke V2 Groove 20-750W Electric Motorized Bike (Black)

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Who This E-Bike Is Meant For

Do you weigh under 250 lbs?  Well, then, sir or ma’am, this bike will be great for you, as the max weight limit for any rider to ride this moped is 250lbs.  

Are you looking for a street legal bike that doesn’t require much to ride it?  

This bike is also great for people with a suspended license, or those who don’t even have a license or permit period, as it’s not required to operate one on public streets in most states.  

This moped is great for those with little to no income, as registration and insurance is hardly needed in most states as well!

The main features of the Gigabyke Groove are definitely worth mentioning too.  For running off of a small battery, and keeping speeds of 15 miles per hour, or going 35 miles per single charge, is amazing.  

This moped comes with an LED headlight so you can have a great view at night driving along, with turn signals, so drivers will know which way you’re turning.  

Need to be assured that when you brake that you’ll actually stop?  The front disc brakes give you all the assurance you’ll need, driving this excellent moped.

GIGABYKE GROOVE 48V 750W Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Scooter E-Bike- Black

More Things We Like About The Gigabyke Groove

Who likes trying to read a regular speedometer while cruising on a moped, when a digital speedometer tells you how fast your going without having to read your speed manually?  

Every second matters when you’re on the road!  It only takes a second to be knocked off the road or lose your balance. 

Another great benefit of this moped / e-bike / scooter is that you get to experience the best of both worlds, enjoying the reliability and feel of a real scooter without having to deal with the hassle of mixing oil with gas.  

Those days are long gone with this Gigabyke electric moped, with its smooth brushless design, making every commute you make around town super reliable.  

Wonder what happens if the battery dies while you’re on the road?  This moped is equipped with a pedalling system, allowing you to pedal your way to the nearest outlet, or even pedal your way home!

Charging time isn’t that long either, only 4-8 hours long!  Now that it’s tax season, you can easily get one for a little over $1000, and win free shipping as well!  That’s a steal, if you ask me.  

This moped is a tad bit heavy, so be sure you can move or lift 175 lbs in a box form.

gigabyke groove review

Q: Is there any storage space, or accessories available, that would add storage to the moped?

A: To my knowledge, I just put my groceries between my legs on the floor above the battery compartment, but I believe there are accessories soon to be developed for this moped, adding awesome storage units.

Q: When pedalling, are there different speed levels?  Is it hard to pedal?

A: Pedalling requires some strength as it really isn’t made to be used this way.  It’s just for emergencies.  I cannot even pedal 200 meters without being exhausted!

e-bike moped scooter black

When purchasing an all electric bike, it’s great to become an avid researcher!   Don’t trust or buy anything you see online, without doing your research!  

Which is what I did when I bought this great scooter. Maybe my hard work will pay off for someone else, so they don’t have to do all the research I did.  

The Gigabyke is everything that everyone said it was.  Priced at $1399.95, this is a steal compared to Jetson, charging almost $2000 with free shipping, but not even that powerwise Jetson is 500W,while Gigabyke is just 750W.  

That’s a load of difference in power, and for the price?  That’s crazy!

The brakes on this bad boy are serious.  We are talking about real hydrolic disc brakes compared to your average cable wire disc brakes!  

For reference sake, I’m 5’2 and 165lbs…. this scooter took me straight up and down hills with no problem.  Right out of the box, setting it up was a piece of cake!  

Headlight, handlebar, and pedals are the only things required to be attached to the bike.  It is that simple!

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