Gecko Active Beach And Picnic Blanket Review



There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach….picture it…. the sunshine warming your body, the sounds of the waves and birds flying overhead.  It is perfect until you realize that the blanket you brought with you to lay on, has a hole in it, and keeps blowing up when the wind gusts.

A simple blanket may not seem very important while sitting at home looking for the perfect getaway, however, once you arrive at the beach you will want a cool, dry place to relax and enjoy your day.

gecko picnic blanket review

With the Gecko Active Beach Blanket, you can bump up your enjoyment by not having to worry about which blanket you should bring from home, how many towels you will need to be comfortable on the sand, or finding a blanket or towel big enough for everyone in your group.  It’s an excellent product that you can get for a great price, and we love it!

Here’s a quick video review to show you how it works.

Sand Pockets Keep Things Secure

As you may have noticed in the video above, the four sand pockets (one on each corner) that this Gecko Active Beach / Picnic Blanket has, are really handy for keeping your blanket on the sand, and even when the breeze picks up, your blanket stays exactly where it is. 

The Gecko Active Beach Blanket is not your typical blanket you would bring from home.  The lightweight, 100% parachute nylon is not only durable, it is cool to the touch on hot days, keeping your body comfortable, while maintaining your enjoyment of the surf and sun.  Because of this material, your blanket can double as a sun covering, so you can actually sit underneath it, and be shielded from the harsh UV rays.  In this case, it might be worth it to get two of these blankets.

Made To Last

The durable, nylon material will outlast any other type of blanket or beach towel you may have at home.  The sand slides right off when you are ready to head home, and if it gets wet, the parachute nylon material dries quickly.

gecko beach blanket review 1

Kids Can Enjoy It Too!

There is no need to worry about lugging a heavy blanket, or a pile of beach towels when you have this item along with you.  The lightweight material compacts neatly into a tiny 6 x 8 inch pouch, and weighs less than a pound, so you can take it anywhere.  It is light enough and strong enough that even the kids can enjoy using the blanket for their own entertainment and use.  These make a great fort for your kids to hide under, and keeps the sun off their sensitive skin, while maintaining their body temperature.

Large Blanket

Gecko Active Beach And Picnic Blanket Review With an ample size of 6 x 7 feet, the Gecko Active Beach Blanket is more than large enough for the entire family to sit on.  Plus, it has an added feature most other blankets or towels do not have.  It has an exclusive, “snap-together technology” which allows multiple blankets to be joined together, thus increasing the area on which you can relax.

Don’t worry about wind blowing your beach blanket away, as each corner of the Gecko Active Beach Blanket has a pocket designed to hold sand, which keeps your blanket safe and secure to the ground, allowing you to use your blanket virtually anywhere.

All Purpose

review gecko picnic blanketDon’t limit the use of your blanket to just the beach, however.  It has multiple uses, including making a great picnic blanket, an excellent cover-up for protection from the sun and wind, and you can also keep your car seats clean and dry on your way home from your outing.

The Gecko Active Beach Blanket is a great alternative to the normal beach towel you bring with you on your day at the beach.  It is much more versatile, and with a greater surface area, will keep you and your family comfortable all day.

Since it is reasonably priced, you can pick up two, and share one with your friends. 

Feature Pick

Oasmu Sand Free Beach Blanket Picnic Mat


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