Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review



Coming in at #1 on our review list of best metal detectors on the market currently in 2020 is the Garret AT Pro Metal Detector.

Feature Pick

Garrett At Pro Metal Detector

This beast of a metal detector does just about everything you would expect a metal detector to do, and then some. If you’re an experienced hobbyist, and are looking to take your metal detecting endeavours to an entirely different level, then this may be the optimum metal detector for you.  Equipped with all the ‘bells and whistles’ that one could ever ask for, there are no limits to what can be done with this device.  We will attempt to cover just some of the many benefits that come with this metal detector in this article.


Aesthetically, the device is very pleasing to the eye.  It comes in an all-black color, and the bottom of the device has a very wide radius, guaranteeing that it will be able to find a wide range of objects during use.  The interface on the device appears to be highly sophisticated as well, indicating the wide range of capabilities that this instrument has.

garrett AT close up

Specifications and Features

This is where the Garrett AT Pro really shines.  The first feature of note, is the fact that this metal detector can be used both on land and in water.  This is uniquely different from most other metal detectors, as they usually can only be used for either/or, but not both.  The depth of search that can be gained with this device is spectacular as well, coming in at 9 inches on land, and up to 10 feet in water! 

There are several modes that are installed on the device, that make a huge difference in its efficiency.  The modes are; custom, coins, zero, and it comes with either a ‘basic’ modification, or a ‘pro’ modification.  This is essential because it allows those that are not experienced hobbyists to use the device, as well as those that are professionals.  The difference between the basic and the advanced modes are the auditory sounds that are accompanied by each.

The device also comes with a ‘discrimination’ feature, which is highly useful as well, and the amount of ‘discrimination’ power that this device has is absolutely insane!  For those who are unfamiliar with how this feature works, the discrimination mode basically allows the operator of the device to ‘filter’ out certain unwanted results.  This can pertain to various types of metals, or other objects that may be picked up by the detector.

This Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector metal detector also has a deeper coin depth than many other instruments on the market.  This is very useful for the collector who is looking to find different types of valuable coins to add to his / her collection at home.  It can pick up pieces of copper and nickel that are buried nearly 8 inches in the ground.  This search ability is nearly unrivalled in the market as far as metal detectors go.

garrett AT metal detector review

The sensitivity of this device is through the ceiling as well!  The sensitivity on a metal detector allows you to pick up more fine objects, that may be nestled in the terrain that you are searching.  However, it is of note that increasing the sensitivity can sometimes mess with the calibration of your metal detector, so you want to be cautious and prudent about using this setting.

The pinpointing ability is another feature that we really enjoy about the Garrett AT Pro.  This pinpointing ability is a Godsend when dealing with areas that are filled with minerals or other debris, that may be picked up by your detector.  By using the pinpointing feature on your Garrett AT Pro, you’ll be able to better identify the object that you are looking for, as the sophisticated sensors in the device will actually allow you to ‘pinpoint’ the object’s location.  This works well in conjunction with the ‘ground-balance’ feature that the metal detector has.

The ground-balance feature is extremely useful because when you are looking through terrain that may have a vast amount of minerals located in the ground, it works in a way that offsets the presence of the minerals, so that you can avoid having it interfere with your ability to find the objects that you are actually seeking.


Overall, we just simply do not have enough room to cover all of the awesome features that are included in this device.  What you should know, however, is that all of the features that we have listed are highly rated, and some are even exclusive to the Garrett AT Pro itself.  So, if you’re looking for a metal detector that experts have all claimed to be the best, that is both optimized for beginners as well as experts, then the Garett AT pro is absolutely for you!

Here is an extra review video showing the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector in action.  Enjoy!


About the author: Sandor is a former stock broker and current tour guide and treasure hunter, travelling far and wide seeking buried treasure.  He has found some very interesting artifacts in his searches.  He is also an avid bird watcher and is an advocate for rare and endangered birds.