Front Runner Slimline II KRLD022T Roof Rack Review



The Land Rover LR3 & LR4 Slimline II Roof Rack (part # KRLD022T) isn’t just any roof rack.

Slimline II Roof Rack by Front Runner krld022t

Maybe in the good old days, a roof rack was just a roof rack. Not today! Some refer to this Slimline II, as a multi-functional aerodynamic efficient platform. Something for the man/woman who has everything, and wants to put everything on the roof of his/her vehicle.

Feature Pick

Front Runner Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Fj80 Fzj80 Roof Rack/Full Size Aluminum Off-Road Slimline Ii Cargo Carrier – By

The Slimline II, from Front Runner, is made from high density corrosive free aluminium, and is ready to assist you with any demanding off-road experience. You will appreciate the powder coating weather resistant finish, because it will look new for a long time. That is why Front Runner offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Front Runner Roof Rack

It is 30% lighter than steel, and designed to meet your flexible needs. You might wish to add Front Runner rails to create a basket shape, or you might need more slats. The T-slot mounting system creates a “flat” deck, which produces less drag and noise, as your vehicle adapts to the roadway. It will give you easier access to your cargo as well. Front Runner’s designers are trying to make your adventure, the best in every way.

Your load is in place and packed perfectly. You are ready, when you suddenly need to get at one of the contents. Everything is independently secured with Front Runner’s unique “bolt on” system, so you won’t have to undo all the straps just to remove one item.

Customize the arrangement of your load with Front Runners’ 40+ roof rack accessories. Secure your bikes, surfboards, fuel, tents, stand up paddle boards and even your Dutch Oven. Front Runner is ready to make your life easy and take your stress away. This company wants you out and enjoying the unbelievable natural world, not spending unnecessary time tightening and re-arranging your important cargo. If you can’t find the accessory you need to do the job, you can use the standard V8 bolts in the Front Runner T-slots, or you might wish to try the Front Runner tie-down rings and stratchit.

Everything is possible!

Your complete kit comes with a Slimline II tray 1345mm x 2166mm, mounting brackets and a wind deflector. The shipping weight is 88.3 lbs. and the part # is KRLD022T. Depending on the size of your vehicle, the rack will cost you between $700 and $1500. (Shipping could be free. Investigate that before you buy.)

For more information, check out this video …

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Customer’s Slimline II Review

Back in 2008, an adventurer, with the code name, “GC Rad1”, was on the hunt for a roof rack for his 80 series Land Cruiser. This guy did his research before finally deciding to purchase the Slimline II by Front Runner. He was looking for cheap, but sturdy, with few limitations at first, but after much investigation, Slimline II was the one. Maybe it was the ability to be able to pitch a tent on the top of his Cruiser on a very light weight secure system.

Land Cruiser 80 Series

Anyway, here are some of his reflections through his process of becoming a Front Runner lover. GC was at the Overland Expo 2012 speaking with Front Runner.

Back to GC’s comments …

“Front Runner was willing to talk and show me their products, even though I wasn’t ready to buy.”

“Front Runner has an office in Burbank California.”

“Front Runner staff are actual off-road enthusiasts.”

“Front Runner makes a rack kit for my Land Cruiser.”

“Front Runners’ packaging is clean and elegant.”

“Front Runners’ heavy duty packaging strips are easy to open.”

“Front Runner cares about their product. Everything was organized in the package, individually wrapped, and well protected for shipment.”

“Front Runner provides extensive documentation and instructions to assist the buyer with even the finest details.”

“Front Runner racks show quality workmanship.”

In Closing

Front Runner is a 13 year old premiere expedition vehicle outfitter in Africa, Europe, USA and Australia. The team of engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers are proud of their achievements. They have traveled through most countries in Africa, and have first hand experience which enables them to provide their customers with the best products. Their superior quality, intelligent design, and durability, awaits you.

Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack krld022t

Even the United Nations uses their products. The next time you’re on safari in Africa, mention Front Runner racks and see what reaction you receive from the operators. Computer Aided Design and the most modern technology such as laser cutting and powder coating and bending, keeps them on top. The world wide Land Rover company has given Front Runner top recognition.

You can’t go wrong with perfection!

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