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Front Runner Flip Pop Tent Review

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Front Runner Flip Pop Tent

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Now comes the rude interruption that I call reality.  I am rarely on time.  I always try to multitask, but efficiency doesn’t enter into the picture.  I spend way too much time feeding my family fast food.  Any event that I attempt falls miserably short of organized, and would more likely be defined as chaotic at best.

Oh, and did I mention my complete inability to fix anything, or follow directions?  Hmmm.  So when I thought about buying a tent for a recent beach vacation, I conjured up all these images of poles and contraptions that require a skill set far superior to mine to manage.  Because, when has there ever been a tent that didn’t involve some system of sticking long skinny poles through little loops?

Super Easy Set Up

I guess I haven’t been paying much attention to the outdoor industry lately, because the Front Runner Flip Pop Tent is true to its name.  It was – gasp – actually easy to assemble.  Like, suspiciously easy.  I wouldn’t even call it ‘assembly’.  It was more of a magic swoosh, and the tent opened up.  Voila!  You don’t even need to pin it down.  It was done in less than 20 seconds, and that is because I move at a turtle’s pace. 

Watch this video review, and you’ll see exactly how easy it is to set up this Front Runner Flip Pop Tent.

I was concerned that the “Flip Pop” moniker would not turn out to be true, but I need not have  worried.  It’s probably just because I have many Christmas memories where I tried to put the children’s “Easy Assembly” toys together.  Nothing. Easy. About. That.  I suspect that all simple directions are a ploy to make us lose our minds.  Simple directions in the same sentence is an oxymoron.  I’m a moron when it comes to putting anything together.  I am a great writer though, don’t you agree?  😀


So, take it from me when I say that this tent is everything that I always wanted, that I never knew I needed.  (I think I heard that on some movie) But seriously folks, I am going to induct this Front Runner Flip Pop Tent into my personal Hall of Fame.  This tent is awesome, and for our little beach camping trip, it was absolutely perfect.  We bought two, and had them side by side.  It was so cute!  

Turns Into Its Own Canvas Carrying Bag AKA “The Pancake”

This tent comes in an easy to tote durable canvas carrying bag, and it is very light.  For anyone with children, you know what a production orchestrating any outing is.  It usually takes me several hours to get everything assembled.  But here, it’s just grab the tent when it’s in its tote-bag form and it’s easy to carry and load.  See the picture below of the tent when it’s in its carrying form.


Before I got the Front Runner Flip Pop tent here, I used to bring the oversized umbrella because my children need shade.  It was large and heavy and just awkward to maneuver.  Additionally, a good stiff wind would often take said umbrella airborne, launching it like a missile into some unsuspecting sunbather.  Said unsuspecting bather would usually be more than a little miffed.  No fatal injuries to date, but the clock is ticking.  Also, failure to provide adequate shade in the past only reaffirmed my less than stellar mothering, which had resulted in sunburned children in the past.  Epic fail.  My toddlers usually need a mid-day nap, and we were always concerned about lack of shade and potential for sunburn.  Who knew a relaxing day at the beach could have so many stressors?  Well, I did.  First hand.  So a good relaxing day at the beach was never that.  Sigh.  Anyway, the way this tent opens up at the front, allows it to almost be like a small umbrella.  I love to sit in this tent on the beach and read a book.  I don’t feel claustrophobic as the nylon material is nice and light.  We eventually even picked up a Front Runner Rooftop Tent, which is a lot more expensive, but it’s an amazing product as well.  Front Runner rules!

feather lite front runner rooftop tent review

Signing Off On The Front Runner Flip Pop Tent

The Front Runner Flip Pop tent did not solve all my parental imperfections, but it made my outings so much easier.  I no longer have to lug the heavy umbrella missile, and feel confident that the Front Runner tent is secure.  I am now no longer shunned by my fellow sunbathers.  I now have a place where my children can take a nap or seek out shade.  It is large enough that adults can also seek out shelter too.  It has a lightweight and compact design, and is water repellent.  It also has (spoiler alert) storage accessible pockets, which allow you to keep sunscreen, and other necessities safely stored.  The material is dual-walled nylon and is durable and the construction is sturdy.  The engineering of this tent is clearly well thought out, and there is plenty of ventilation to keep the tent cool and well aired.  My college aged sister recently visited me, and joined us on our beach outing.  She had apparently stayed up a little too late the night before, and spent the majority of our outing snoozing in the beach tent.  So yes, it is toddler, child and adult friendly.


Although I do use this tent for the beach, I also use it for a variety of other outings, including the park, and outdoor sporting or recreational events.  It really is a life saver to allow us to get out of the sun, or to get out of brief downpours.

It may not make me that Mom Extraordinaire that I aspire to be, but it definitely makes my life easier.  So, thank you Front Runner.  You are truly everything I never knew I wanted. 


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