Front Runner Feather Lite Rooftop Tent Review



As we all know, camping is a very popular past time for individuals from all walks of life and all age groups. Whether you are camping out with a few friends and family, or traveling as a hobby or career, having a rooftop tent is another way to approach the camping experience that has its own distinct advantages and appeal.

This Front Runner Feather Lite Rooftop Tent is a high-quality rooftop tent which brings comfortable and relaxing experiences to every traveler who uses it. Individuals who purchase this item will be pleased by its low-cost affordability and easy to use manual, to ensure a quick and reliable setup.

Feature Pick

Front Runner Roof Top Tent


  • Equipped with an easy to pull out room/space that sleeps two people easily and comfortably. Perfect sleeping arrangements for couples and family members. Storage for mattress, blankets, and bedding allows more room in an individual’s vehicle while traveling. The option to sleep above the vehicle supplies the traveler with a separate personal space, and frees space in the vehicle itself.
  • Privacy panels on all windows and doors offer a comfortable and homey experience, no matter the user’s location. The windows have the available option to place privacy panels up, or take them down to allow mosquito netting for protective visual of your surroundings.

Watch this video review of the Front Runner FeatherLite Rooftop Tent to get a closer look.

More Features…

  • Complete views from every available window make traveling with this roof tent a dream. Explorations and life-time views will not be missed when you can enjoy the many open windows of this tent. Access to constant views and multiple angles will provide optimum viewing experience.
  • Heavy duty poly-cotton material provides water resistant and weather durable options to the exterior. This allows for complete assurance that you and your possessions are protected from the elements surrounding you. It is supplied with protective covering during strong weather and intense climates.
  • Insulated aluminum base for cold climates provide a barrier between travelers and their environments. Colder climates are finally an option for many, with the ability to stay warm and comfortable up and away from colder earth.
  • A fly sheet is available to offer shade, and comfort in warm and bright situations. The tent is protected from water and other condensation by running the water to the ground and away from the inside of the tent.
  • This tent is also equipped with ventilation built into the roof for an extra source of clean air. While other camping tents are completely sealed off and separate from nature, this tent allows nature to be as close as you want. Stuffiness and claustrophobic conditions are a thing of the past with fresh air options built right in.
  • Two large storage options are available in the interior to allow extra storage for traveling gear and equipment that needs protection from outside elements. Extra bedding, food supplies, and other traveling items are easily tucked away in these storage compartments to provide maximum decluttering.

Size / Dimensions

  • 1.3m wide, 2.4m long
  • The Front Runner Feather Lite Rooftop Tent weighs in at an astonishing 93 pounds, making it the most light-weight roof top tent available. This is important for setup purposes, especially when the available number of people to mount the tent is only 1 or 2.
  • There are two available mounting options for the Feather Lite Rooftop Tent. The first allows the tent to be positioned on top and to the side, while the ladder supports the tent on the side. The second allows the tent to be positioned fully on top, while the ladder supports the tent at the back of the vehicle.

Additional Features and Options

  • The Front Runner Tent Mount Kit is recommended to be mounted to the FrontRunner Slimline II Roof Rack. This tent is supplied with tools and hardware to make mounting the tent accessible to bars that are 2″ wide and 1.25″ high.
  • A comfortable foam mattress provides ideal sleeping arrangements in this roomy tent. It supplies enough room for at least two persons to comfortably sleep. Storage is available to tuck away bedding and pillows if needed.
  • Retractable aluminum ladder is included with the Feather Lite Tent. It has many functions as its intended purpose to access the tent, but also provides support for the tent depending on the way it is positioned and mounted. It supports the tent from either the sides or the back.
  • Roof top tent shower skirt makes showering and washing a breeze, and retractable shower skirt allows for extra room. The option to shower can be installed while protecting the available living spaces below the rooftop tent.
  • Easy out awning, with optional mosquito net and optional multiple walls allow for a bug free experience, while giving travelers the ability to add rooms and privacy to their living quarters. While traveling, or camping with multiple individuals, this awning can supply every person with their own space. This prevents overcrowding and cramped spaces.

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