Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera and Bluetooth Review

[simple-author-box] Today, we’re focused on Forestfish Sunglasses with Camera and Bluetooth review.

These sunglasses with camera and Bluetooth are built into a pair of sporty polarized sunglasses that provide superior protection during bright, sunny days.

This makes it a great pair of sunglasses for outdoor sports, where you need to block the glare of the sun.

Overview of Forestfish Bluetooth Sunglasses with Camera

This pair of sunglasses can perform as a phone, video recorder and camera, all in one. It also does what it’s supposed to do to protect your eyes from the sun.

If you were a time traveler from the past, you’d wonder which other kind of advances were possible in this time!

These sunglasses with Bluetooth, video recording, and picture taking abilities, seem incredibly futuristic and almost impossible to believe.

Features to Love

Feature Pick

Forestfish Camera Sunglasses With Bluetooth Headset 8Gb Tf Card Hd 720P Video Recorder

  • Polarized lenses
  • Bluetooth headset
  • High definition recorder
  • 5.0 mega pixels
  • Photo capabilities
  • Listen to music
  • Answer your phone
  • Lightweight

Polarized Lenses

The lenses of the Forestfish X-20 are a common gray, which means it’ll block most types of light from entering the eyes. They have UV400 anti-ultraviolet protection as well as anti-glare protection.

When you block most of the UV rays trying to enter your eyes, you’re practising good eye health. Over time, constant light bombardment can lead to degenerative eye disease, as well as cataracts.

Frame Materials

To keep the sunglasses from being weighted down with the camera, the frames are made of a lightweight material that is pliable. This is a great feature when you consider that the arms of the sunglasses are where the wires and dashboard of the camera reside. The sunglasses weigh 7.2 ounces, which should be a reasonable weight to wear throughout the day.

The bridge of the sunglasses is made of rubber that will keep them from slipping while you’re involved in your outdoor adventures. Most of the time while you’re outdoors, the sun will be beating on you continuously. That will leave you sweating, but these glasses won’t slip.

Camera Specifications

This is a perfect pair of sunglasses for those who seek extreme outdoor sports and adventures. You’ll be able to wear these glasses while snowboarding, heading to the beach, or biking down a trail. Unfortunately, these are not advertised as waterproof, so keep that in mind when ordering. You can wear them while water skiing or boating, but if they fall into the water, they’ll be ruined.

forestfish bluetooth camera

Photos and Videos

The video format for this recorder is AVI with the ability to shoot in 720p resolution. The camera can take pictures easily, too. All you need to do is click the camera button 3 times.

Recording Time

After fully charging the lithium battery, you’ll have 3 hours of recording time available. When the battery is less than 15% charged though, the recording may not work properly. This should be kept in mind when taking video and pictures. It’s probably best to take video for 2 ½ hours before switching to the picture taking option.

Storage for the Camera

The sunglasses camera has a built-in 8 GB SD card. This will allow you to save all the audio and video, as well as pictures you take while out on your adventures. Whether it’s driving, cycling, hiking, fishing, or playing at the beach, you’ll be able to capture your adventures on this one SD card before downloading it onto your computer.

Once you’ve downloaded your pictures and video, delete it from the SD card to keep it free. If you don’t have enough room on the SD card, your video won’t record.

Bluetooth Connected to Your Phone

While you can’t upload directly to your phone from the Bluetooth, you can answer phone calls and play music directly in your ear. There’s one earbud included with the sunglasses for answering the phone. The sunglasses’ Bluetooth will connect with your phone or other devices.bluetooth sunglasses with camera

Price Range

This is a reasonably priced pair of sunglasses with attached camera that have so much to offer. Between the Bluetooth capabilities, video recorder, camera, and music player, you’re getting over 4 devices in one pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses are polarized, too.

The package comes with the Forestfish Bluetooth Camera Sunglasses as well as the earbud, sunglasses case, bag for carrying and storage as well as the user manual.

Should I Purchase the Forestfish Bluetooth Sunglasses with Camera?

If you want to record your adventures and replay them later, you’ll definitely want to buy yourself these sunglasses with camera and Bluetooth. It’s well-priced, full of features, and simple to use.

Customers love the easy style of the sunglasses with camera and Bluetooth, which can be worn throughout the day without feeling weighted down. There’s plenty of storage, and hours of recording time, as long as you keep the battery charged properly.

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