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Finding The Best Snorkelling In Maui For Families

Maui is such a beautiful ocean paradise, located about 1,000+ miles from the mainland, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  

Quick trivia: the Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean on earth, averaging around 15,000 feet deep! 

This great depth lends itself to highlighting the beauty that is the coral reef near Maui.  

With healthy coral reef surrounding Maui, the waters there offer exceptional snorkelling with a great underwater view.  


Families will love both the cleanliness of the water, the wide variety of sea life, including the spectacular coral.

Whether you know it or not, snorkelling in Maui is one of the most popular activities on the island, and it’s so popular, that it’s rated more highly than any other Hawaiian island, by the vast majority of snorkel-loving travellers.

Molokini Crater

The proximity of Molokini is the reason why snorkelling in Maui is best!  

Molokini is a partially submerged crater, and is only 2 miles off the coast of Maui, where the beauty of the water is superior to most other places. It’s unsurpassed clarity makes snorkeling on Molokini so special.  

The water is so clear, you can see up to 150 feet away!  The visibility under water is always excellent in Molokini.  

The reefs there are always flourishing, where over a thousand marine animals and fish co-habitate.

The fish that surround the island are ever so colorful and fascinating to view from your snorkel goggles.  

Records state that there are over 200 types or marine life and fish that surround Maui on a daily basis, leaving your snorkelling experience unforgettable.

Here is a quick video showing the beautiful snorkelling that can be done with your family at Molokini.

Maui Snorkeling Tours

In terms of family friendly activities in Maui, snorkelling should be at the top of your list.  

The pride of this little island can offer a load of benefits for those who are looking for the most perfect snorkelling tour for kids in Hawaii.  

You can find tours that provide a fully experienced crew, provide the utmost discretion for your safety, as well as your little ones’ safety, up-to-date equipment, and, last but not least, learn something about marine life.  

Great for a snorkelling opportunity of color, fascination and serenity. We recommend booking your tour through Pride Of Maui, or Kai Kanini.


Turtle Town

I bet that your Maui family snorkelling experience will reach new heights of amazement once you’ve visited “Turtle Town.”  

Turtle Town is a very beautiful location that can be found along the coast on the southern side between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach.  

This location has a series of unique underwater lava formations that developed eons ago through eruptions of underwater volcanoes.  

The coral reef at Turtle Town has an abundance of green sea turtles, and is home to a variety of colorful tropical fish and other unique underwater animals.

 Exceptional snorkelling isn’t just limited to Molokini, as there are other locations on Maui as well.  

Though Molokini is certainly at the top of the list, there are lots of beautiful snorkelling destinations, with an abundance of beautiful coral reefs and marine animals to view.  

In terms of stunning fish, the most ‘looked for fish’ in Maui is the flame angel fish, a bright orange glowing fish with electric fin tips that are blue in color.  

It almost resembles a flame of fire.


The memories you and your family will have after snorkelling in Maui begin with making your way into the ocean under the care of any expert, or alone to explore all of what Maui has to offer!  

From standing up above, looking down towards the sea floor, the view is soooo alive!  

The colors are so vibrant in many stunning shades; the’ blue of the ocean’ is a blue you won’t soon forget.  

The multicolored reefs on the sea floor, with their hues of yellows and greens, are beyond breathtaking.  

Trust me… will want to take a million and one photos….just make sure you have a waterproof camera on hand!


Family-Friendly Snorkelling In Maui

Snorkelling in Maui is great for all skill levels!  Beginners will love snorkelling in the perfect world of texture, color and motion under water.

Maui snorkelling is wonderfully suited for the snorkelling novice due to the water being perfectly clear… shallow in some parts, full of life here, and calmness there. 

It is the perfect spot for you and your little ones to share an adventure. Kids love to swim, so why not take them to Maui to create some great childhood memories! 


The sites in Maui are appreciated by experienced snorkelers as well, where ledges, drop offs, and over hangs are yours to explore, where there are fish and marine mammals which require a more expert skill level to seek out.  

Beyond Turtle Town and Molokini, there are many breathtaking reefs and lava formations offering snorkelers in Maui exceptional opportunities of a lifetime.  

With over 200 species of marine life and fish, lava formations, and interesting coral reefs nestled happily below some of the clearest waters in the world, snorkelling in Maui alongside your family is definitely rated world class for a reason.

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