Everyday Vacation’s Easy Inflate Giant Pink Flamingo Float Review


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Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube – Huge 80″ Raft Inflatable Floatie For Your Relaxing Beach



What’s huge and pink and made of latex…and is really easy to pump up?

An inflatable giant pink flamingo float, of course.  This is 78 inches of hot pink, easily pumped up fun.  Looking at it, your pool is already starting to feel a bit lonely without one, isn’t it?


In actual fact, although this might well be a toy, the first thing to remember is, that it’s not child’s play.  At a whopping massive 78 inches of unadulterated hot air, this is an adult toy (no sniggering now), and supervision should be maintained at all times with any little ones around.  It is actually huge, and might surprise you just how big it is.

inflatable pink flamingo review

Despite being primarily for the pool, you might actually opt to use this on dry land – if you have the room.  Not only will kids love bouncing all over it, but it is incredibly sturdy, and actually very comfortable to simply lounge upon, without even getting slightly wet.

Unlike some other, giant inflatable flamingos, this product is not merely a glorified swimming ring, it is actually to ride on.  This means that you can easily extend your body on its surface, without getting wet.

And like we said, it could make a pretty good novelty air bed as well!  In all seriousness, anyone with any sort of back strain might find this very supportive.

First of all, one must inflate this giant beast.  Here, the Everyday Vacation Giant Pink Flamingo has an advantage over some of its competitors.  Yes, you can use an electric pump to inflate this pink demon up to full capacity.

But you don’t have to.  And you don’t have to think that you are going to give yourself a heart attack, or turn your lips blue, attempting to blow it up yourself, because this ‘floating flamingo’ can run off your ordinary domestic hairdryer.

fun inflatable toys flamingo

This may be a godsend if you don’t have an electric pump.  Why do you have to buy one anyway, when they are just a pain to haul around everywhere.  The flamingo can easily inflate in ten minutes or under, with a hairdryer, or air compressor.  There are two points to inflate, the body and the head are separate, and both only take a short time to pump up fully.

Many customers are saying that it only takes a short time to unpack, inflate and be water ready!

In terms of riders, this is definitely intended for only one, but it would seem, judging by the photos and testimonials of owners, that more can get on it, because it is so sturdy.

kids love inflatable swan

This is a strong and hard wearing product, although it is not in the same ‘thickness’ category as a dinghy, or other toughened PVC rafts.   At 0.3 MM thickness, it is definitely thicker than some other pool floats.

Also, ‘Everyday Vacation’ supplies a repair kit in case of tears and punctures.  It also comes with a year long warranty – what is not to like about that?

The general consensus is, that this will hold up to quite a lot of partying and tough use, just be careful that it doesn’t get punctured.


Primarily, Beach Baby thinks this is a pool toy, for use, both in a domestic swimming pool situation, and by the poolside, or backyard, or garden.  As mentioned, this is a freestanding fun station, and natural child bounce magnet!

But is it necessarily something you want to be sailing on along the open seas?  The Amazon listing does indeed mention that this is ideal for any pool, beach or lake.  We don’t, however, think that it is wise to float far from shore (you don’t want to be that guy on a hot pink flamingo that the lifeguard has to rescue).  Always think about water safety first.  Use life jackets when necessary, and always with adult supervision, if used by children! 

uninflated pink flamingo water floater

As far as ‘floating down a river’…..not a good idea, as it is not really intended for floating on any fast moving water. i.e. a river or the open seas.

It does come with some handy ride on handles, which can also be used as anchor points, if you should want to take it on a bit more of an adventure than your backyard pool.  It should be fine in any still tract of water, like a pond or a lake.  Watch for sharp objects just beneath the surface!

Quite possibly, it could be used with an oar to help you move about a bit more easily, although we think it is really intended to be navigated by hand paddling.


All in all, with a feedback score of five out of five, we can’t really fault this giant pink flamingo.  It is not often that everyone seems to be completely happy with a product like this.  It is true, that it does not seem to have been on sale all that long yet, but so far, no one has reported any problems with it.

inflatable swan review everyday vacation

In effect, you seem to get what it says on the tin.  You blow it up – it inflates easily, and in a matter of minutes, even with just a common hairdryer.  You take it to your pool or lake ( here it would be best to inflate this as close as possible to where you are intending to use it, as it is very large, and not the easiest thing to manually drag about, once it is full of air).  Then you simply leap on it, and float away -if only everything in life could be this simple!

Finally, this looks pretty fabulous in your pool, even when it is not in use, and is every bit as pink in real life as it looks in the photos.  Bags of fun for the summer, and well recommended.

About the author: Emilia is the fashion guru of Beach Baby, with a deep appreciation for anything that can be worn or adorned. She makes her own apparel as well, including everything from swimwear, to dresses, and even shoes.  She also owns over 100 pairs of sunglasses!  Emilia also loves to surf, boogie board, and partake in a number of water sports.