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Essential Dirt Bike Gear – Protective Equipment Guide for Riders

One of your biggest priorities as a dirt bike rider will be to find some gear that is suitable enough to protect you from impact if you happen to fall off of your bike, or take a tumble while riding.  

For instance, some of the crashes below could be devastating if the rider weren’t wearing the right protective gear.

Essential Protective Gear For Dirt Bikes

We’ve already covered the specifications and requirements for the types of helmets that you should be looking into before you begin your riding expedition.  

However, another strong consideration that one must take into account is the suit that they use before they decide to go on any dirt biking trip.

Below, in this article, we will cover the various requisites of a good suit, and give a short list of some of the best suits that are available on the market.

First, it must be noted that there are several components for the suit that we are talking about.

#1 – Shirt/Top

The shirt or top that you decide to purchase for your dirt biking adventures should be infused with the necessary padding within the shirt, to ensure that your torso is receiving adequate protection.

Thus, the shirt should be long-sleeved as a rule of thumb, as it would be illogical to wear anything that does not cover one’s entire torso.

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#2 – Gloves

The gloves that you decide to use for your dirt biking adventure are a crucial consideration as well.

You need to make sure that the gloves you purchase ensure a proper grip of your dirt bike, otherwise you may slip off and severely injure yourself.

Ideally, the gloves that you purchase should be ones that are lightweight, have an excellent grip, yet still allow for a great amount of flexibility in your hand and fingers so that you can still hit the brakes and the clutch as well.

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We recommend this glove because of a variety of features that it offers to riders.  It comes equipped with excellent grip through its silicone fingertip grippers.  

It also is infused with a stretch polyester construction that essentially guarantees that your hand will be able to ‘breathe’ while inside the glove, so that there is no unnecessary sweat for the rider while they are wearing it.

There is also a significant amount of padding on the glove to give greater cushioning for the palm and knuckles as well.  

Overall, given the price of the gloves at the time of writing, and the benefits that they provide, it seems like a no-brainer for any individual who does not currently own a pair of dirt bike gloves to go out and purchase these immediately.

#3 – Pants

Equally as important as the other accessories that we have already covered on this list are the pants that you will elect to wear on your dirt biking expeditions.

The pants that you wear will essentially be your last line of defence against any impact or damage that may be sustained by the lower part of your body in the unfortunate event that you happen to fall off your bike.

Therefore, the ideal pants should be ones that are infused with a tough material that will not rip easily.

This is essential because they protect you against the friction that will cause burns if you happen to slide after you fall off your bike on certain terrains.

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We recommended that you go out and purchase these pants because they are essentially the perfect pants for any individual that takes their dirt biking expeditions seriously.  

They have an ‘ergonomic’ pre-curved race ready fit.  In other words, the manufacturers of these pants scientifically engineered them to accommodate individuals that are dirt biking specifically, which is a very unique feature in itself.  

There is a significant amount of padding located in the hip area of the pants, which ensures that you are well-protected on your dirt biking adventures.  

The material that these pants are infused with are top of the line as well, so you won’t have to worry about them ripping, or being destroyed, or easily burnt under pressure or friction.  

You can be sure that you’re getting the top of the line if you decide to go ahead and purchase these pants.

#4 – Padding

Padding is one of the more essential parts of your entire setup for obvious reasons.  The pads that you elect to wear will essentially be your body’s first line of defence for any impact that it sustains.

Given that there is a high likelihood that you will fall off of your dirt bike at some point in time, especially if you are riding extensively, this is an investment that you want to pay particularly close attention to.

Your pad setup should include knee braces, knee and elbow pads, as well as a chest protector at the very least.

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#5 – Goggles

The final element of your dirt bike suit that we will cover in this article is the proper goggles that you should be wearing.

Goggles are important for the obvious reason that they protect your eyes from the dirt, debris, insects, and other projectiles that tend to fly into one’s face while they are participating in dirt biking.

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This article gives a brief overview of the types of equipment that you should be looking to purchase to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of protection possible.  

You also want to ensure that you have the maximum mobility involved as well.  Although these products are not all cheap, this should not be a primary consideration.  

Dirt biking can be a dangerous activity that has left many individuals killed or paralyzed.  You do not want to cut corners when it comes to the type of protective gear that you purchase for yourself.  

Safety and your health should always take precedence over any financial considerations, and if it cannot, then you should strongly reconsider involving yourself in the sport of dirt biking. 

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