Easy Snorkel Mask Review


The Easy Snorkel Mask is one of those masks that make snorkelling much more fun and exciting.

Although it looks very simple and maybe a bit out-dated, there is absolutely no doubt in that this is absolutely one of the best masks that you can purchase on the market today, and you will soon learn why.

Before we get into it, you can find Easy Snorkel online here.

Here is what we are going to cover today:

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Let’s get to it…


easy snorkel review

Called the ‘Easy’ Snorkel Mask, this snorkel has a very heavy duty appearance!  It comes in sizes for both adults as well as children, and the front of the mask is entirely transparent.  

It has a very simple color design with a jet-black exterior, as well as a jet black breathing tube with a green tip.

The green tip on the top of the breathing tube is something that we like, because we feel that it will make it a lot easier for wearers to be identified, if they ever run into any sort of trouble.

This is very simple and effective safety feature.

The breathing tube is also angled in such a way that prevents water from easily getting into the mask, should there be any waves that come overhead as you’re snorkelling.

Because of the clarity of the face of the mask, one can clearly see all of the technology installed on the inside of it.

The heavy-duty appearance of the mask gives credence to the idea that this is something that would fit very snugly on any person’s face; child or adult.  

It also comes with very comfortable straps that are also jet-black in appearance (I got the black one, but straps match whichever color you get).  

Overall, the mask has a very professional and succinct look to it, which is something that we really like.


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There are a plethora of features on this mask that make it absolutely one of the best devices that you can grab on the market.

180 degrees

We’ll start with telling you about the 180-degree visibility capacity on the Easy Snorkel Mask.

As with the other masks on our list, you can expect to have your full range of visibility while out there snorkelling.  

This is essential because the only reason that you decided to go out snorkelling was to explore what was under the water without being inhibited by having to return to the surface for air all the time!  

This mask solves that problem by allowing you complete visibility.  

In addition to this visibility, you can expect a very thorough level of clarity, as the front of this mask is created with a technology that allows wearers to see underwater without much distortion or obstruction.

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Unfortunately, just as with many other full face masks, this mask also gets hot from the inside after some time due your breathing.


size chart

Another feature that is really excellent on this mask is its anti-leak properties. This is crucial for comfort and safety reasons, because you don’t want any water leaking into your mask.  

This cannot only hinder your ability to snorkel, but it can pose a hazard as well, as you may end up actually breathing in the water, and choking while you’re out in the ocean, and you definitely don’t want that to happen!

Although the mask does a pretty good job when it comes preventing water from leaking into, some users reported water started leaking into their masks just after few minutes of snorkeling.

However, many other users reported no leakages at all.

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We highly advise you to pay proper attention when choosing the right size of the mask for your face in order to avoid any leakages.


Another really cool feature that this mask comes with, is anti-fog technology.  

This is something that we have not yet seen on any other mask that we’ve presented on our list, and a definite game changer.  

Often times, while you’re snorkelling there is fog that may appear on the front of the mask, from either your own breathing or just your body heat from the activity of being in the water.  

With this anti-fog feature, you really don’t have to worry about any obstructions to your view, while you’re out swimming!  

This makes your snorkelling experience that much better, and it also makes it much safer for you, and young children especially!

full face 180 degree snorkel mask

The last feature on this mask that we wanted to discuss in depth in this article is its breathing technology.  

Unlike other snorkel masks that require you to breathe through a mouthpiece, you are completely fine without doing so on this one!  That means that all you have to do is just put the mask on and you’re ready to go.

This is a huge bonus for this snorkelling mask because masks that require you to breathe through a mouthpiece actually restrict the amount of air that you are able to take in, because you can only breathe through your mouth rather than your nose and mouth.  

Most people are used to breathing through their nose as well, so this means that you’ll have a much more comfortable and natural experience while out on the water.  

Also, in the event that something does go wrong, and you happen to get water in your mask somehow, or there’s another issue that you have to deal with, then this breathing feature will make it significantly less likely that you’ll run into any type of trouble.


Of course, as all other masks, this one also has its cons. Inside of the mask gets easily hot from your breath and the plastic fasteners can feel uncomfortable on your face.

Nevertheless, it’s equipped with all of the latest features and technologies in the snorkelling world, to make it one of the best masks that one can find in the open market. 

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About the author: Garth loves camping under the stars with his Arb III, scuba diving, snorkeling, and also tanning. His favourite snorkel spots include Alanya (Turkey), Koh Rong (Cambodia), and Maui (Hawaii, USA). He also loves to visit the cenotes in Mexico and he recommends everyone reads the book, “The Soul of an Octopus”, because, he says “they are sensitive, just like me”.

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