Cressi Sub Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Review



Coming in our review list of best scuba diving watch computers was the Cressi Sub Leonardo, and as you can imagine, it is definitely one of the finer Cressi computerized dive watch models on the market today, or we wouldn’t be covering it!  

Yes, we are amazed at how Cressi is able to keep producing so many amazing, quality watches on a consistent basis. 

Cressi Sub Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Nitrox Compatible review

Cressi Sub Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Review

At first look, this watch may seem to have a similar appearance to the Cressi Giotto, however, there are a number of differences that we will cover in this section.  

The strap of the watch, like the Cressi Giotto, is blue and black, which is a great aesthetic touch, as it blends in with the natural ocean colors.  

The strap appears to be a bit more  flexible than other models of the Cressi.  This is a great feature, because it is important that divers use a watch that isn’t going to slip off of their wrist.

One of the cooler aesthetic properties of this watch is that the actual face of the watch has a blue LED screen.  

This not only complements the overall color scheme and look of the watch, it looks more sophisticated as well.  One can only imagine much better visibility because of the blue LED screen on the dive watch’s face.


The features on this watch seem endless, and we could talk about them for days, but we’ll do our best to summarize most of them below:

Adjustable FO2 Settings

The FO2 settings are adjustable on this watch.  This is something that is markedly different from most of the other computerized dive watches on the market.  

However, not only is this setting adjustable, it also has a wide range of fluctuation ability as well.  It can be optimized between 21% and 50%, which is a superb capability for any computerized dive watch.

In addition to the FO2’s flexibility settings, the PO2 is very adjustable as well.  It can be switched between the 1.2 and 1.6 bar, giving it a decent amount of variability and customization for the diver.  

This also helps to ensure that the overall dives will be safer as well, a feature that we happily embrace.

CNS Oxygen Toxicity Graphic Indicator

As if the above two features weren’t enough, Cressi went ahead and installed a CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.

This may be one of the more important features on the watch, as oxygen toxicity is rarely covered, yet highly dangerous to all divers, and something that they should look out for.  

By displaying the overall oxygen toxicity for divers on the face of the watch, divers can be sure that they are not in danger of blacking out while out on their dives, due to inhaling very low quality oxygen.

Single Button Interface

Like the original Leonardo model, this one also has a single button interface, which makes it very easy and convenient to toggle between different screens.  

Some may argue against features like this, because they claim that this extends the amount of time it takes to toggle between screens.   

However, it is very useful for those who are just learning how to dive, or those who wish to get a computerized dive watch that isn’t too complicated for them to wrap their heads around.


There are several different modes on this watch, another quality that makes it highly desirable for experienced divers and newbies alike. The modes are; Air, Nitrox, and Gauge.

The air mode is crucial because it allows the computerized dive watch to track the amount of time that has been spent by you in the air.

The reason why this is essential is because the body’s nitrogen levels tend to change depending on how long it has been since they’ve went for a dive or decided to fly.

Therefore, this mode can be crucial in helping you determine what the best time for you to plan your next dive or flight would be.

The Nitrox mode is also very critical, because it allows you to monitor the amount of nitrogen and oxygen mix that is in your tank as well as make this calculation for your body as well.

With this setting, you’ll be able to use the information that has been accrued in order to make a smarter and more calculate decision about your dives.

Additional Features

There are also 9 saturation hemiphases that go between 2.5 and 480 minutes, another extremely useful feature on this device, and one that even has the potential to save lives if used in the correct manner.

Another very useful, and rarely talked about feature on this watch is that it allows for the calculation of the ascent rate without fail.  This is very important because divers want to make sure that they are continuing to dive at a safe pre-calculated rate.  This watch ensures that they meet this objective.

This watch has the capability to log over 60 dives, and it can also track how long divers have been on each individual dive, so it is no problem to go over the distinct aspects and metrics that were accrued on each dive. With this, comes a highly extensive battery life as well, so that you don’t have to worry about your computerized dive watch dying while you’re out on the water.

There are also all of the features of a normal functioning watch located on this device as well.  This makes it an instrument that can be worn on the arm at all times.  The alarm capability on this watch is one of the things that makes it so multi-purpose, because it can be used as a regular alarm, or it can be used to give fair warning that the diver may be in danger.


This is another watch that is best suited for those who are novices, or on the beginning level of diving.  It is a slight upgrade beyond the regular Cressi Leonardo.  It is a very versatile, computerized dive watch, so there is no need to think that you are obtaining less quality by purchasing this amazing piece of technology.

Feature Pick

Cressi Sub Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Nitrox Compatible (White/Black)

Watch this quick review video of the Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer for more info.

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