Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer Review


If you remember how awesome the Cressi Leonardo dive watch is, then prepare yourself for the full review of the Cressi Giotto watch!  To put it in basic terms, it is like the Cressi Leonardo on steroids.

Whereas the Cressi Leonardo is optimized for those who are relatively new to diving, the Giotto has been optimized for divers who are more than experienced, and are looking to elevate their entire game with one of the top notch computerized dive watches on the market.

Feature Pick

Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer, Black/Yellow

Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer Review

Even in aesthetics, the Cressi Giotto represents a stark upgrade over the Leonardo.  It comes with a blue and black color theme, which is definitely attractive, while being faintly reminiscent of the ocean tones.  

The blue and black color scheme is primarily relegated to the strap of the watch.  The face of the watch’s circular circumference is colored all-black with a silver interior.  

In addition, the watch’s actual display screen is a bit dull in the accompanying photo, but that is only because the LED display light is not as easy to capture online.  

There is more than one button on the face of this device, unlike the Cressi Leonardo, which is one of the first indicators that it is a high-potency computerized dive watch.

However, one of its best features is the fact that the screen is in high-definition.  

Not only does this greatly enhance the attractiveness of the watch and make it much more convenient for divers,  it also makes the entire process of diving exponentially safer.

Cressi Giotto


There are definitely several features on this computerized dive watch that we absolutely must explore in greater depth below:

Mixed Gas Dive Computer

Possibly one of the greatest features of this watch, or any computerized dive watch, is the fact that this one is accompanied with a mixed gas dive computer that is constructed entirely by the manufacturer themselves.  

To our knowledge, there is currently no other watch of this nature on the market, making it the first of its kind and one that divers are sure to enjoy.

cressi giotto wrist watch dive computer

More Flexible

As noted above, in the aesthetics section, the three buttons on its face give wearers a little more flexibility in reaching certain features on the watch.

Dive Storage

Data storage is no problem for this watch, as it has the ability to store dozens of dives over time.  However, if wearers wish to simply ‘reset’ a dive, then they can do so without any problem at all.  This has optimized the watch for sharing purposes.

New Algorithm 

In addition to the mixed gas computer, this watch also incorporates a brand new algorithm that was developed by the Cressi manufacturers, along with other collaborators.  

What this new algorithm does, is allow for safe decompression calculations during multiple dives with various gas-mixture settings.  

This is a critical innovation, because many other watches on the market do not have this ability, making them an inherently less safe device.

Through the incorporation of such a feature, divers who purchase this watch can rest assured that the compression readings on their computerized dive watch will give accurate readings without needing to be re-calibrated between dives.

full package

Provides Critical Info

On top of all of the fancy features and innovations that we have pointed out, this watch has the capability to lend all of the critical information that divers need while they are on their trips.  

For example, it can give information on the maximum depth that divers can travel before they begin to reach a danger point, calculate the independent dive times and store each of them, give the rate of ascension, as well as calculate the interval of time  spent between each dive.  

Not only is this information extremely helpful, but critical as well, because it allows divers to make smart and safe choices while in the water.

Nitrogen Absorption

As mentioned in some of our other articles, tracking the nitrogen absorption rates of the body, while on diving expeditions is extremely important to make sure that there is a safe balance being maintained.  

Fortunately, the Cressi Giotto has the ability to do this seamlessly with its sophisticated, well-integrated software.  

It actually works by factoring in the total amount of inert gas that is contained within the various mixtures, in addition to the composition of other various mixtures in other gas sources within the diver’s equipment.

cressi giotto green and blue


One of the best features that this computerized dive watch has is a ‘PCD’.  PCD stands for “Priority Compartment Digit Display” and the purpose of this function is to display critical information on the watch face in a certain box, so that the diver can locate it easily.  

This feature is one its best innovations, because divers will never have to worry about needlessly toggling through a million different screens and settings in order to access critical information they need to know.  

It also allows divers to view other information simultaneously with the critical information, an infinitely useful tool.  

This feature, in addition to the high-definition resolution enhancement on the watch, makes it a computerized dive watch that is absolutely worth having.

Additional Features

If you aren’t already sold on these features, then wait until we get to the specifics of the computer’s actual capabilities.  

The clock has a 12/24 hour format clock, a mathematical algorithm that accounts for the saturation rates as well as the ability to set the parameters on pretty much any aspect of the dive that you could ever want.

Some of the more basic features include the fact that there is an enhanced backlight on the device that allows for easier reading during late night dives (not recommended), and other measures that allow it to upload information easily to a laptop computer without fuss or worry.


Overall, this is probably one of, if not the very best dive watch on the market.  If you’re a very experienced diver and you’re looking for one of the best computerized dive watches for an expert like yourself, then this may be the best pick for you.

Here’s a typical dive you may experience with the Cressi Giotto dive computer.

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