Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses Review

[simple-author-box] If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun, while still allowing you to look great and see clearly, we’d like you to take a glance at the Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses in this review.


These handsome sunglasses are manufactured and are being sold by Costa Del Mar.

When purchasing a pair of sunglasses from this manufacturer – or any other for that matter – it’s important to understand the repair warranty.

Costa Del Mar warranties against defects in the workmanship or the materials for the life of the glasses.

They don’t outsource the repair, either.  You’d be dealing directly with the company if you have any issues.

Frame Colors Available

These sunglasses come in 36 colors. They have traditional matte black as well as unusual choices like gunstock, ashwood, camo, and crystal bronze.

Feature Pick

Costa Del Mar Bl69Ogglp Blackfin Sunglass, Realtree Xtra Camo Gray

Lens Colors Available

While the look of your sunglasses is a vital consideration, what’s really essential for a polarized lens is the color of the lens itself. Each color will give you a different result when you’re outdoors, depending on the environment.

The Blackfin comes in any color lens you might need for your outdoor activities.  Below, we’ll talk about how the color of the lens performs in certain light conditions.


Many people might not realize that sunglasses come in a variety of sizes to fit your face. You want a pair of sunglasses that will fit securely but not be too snug.

They come in small, medium, and large. Customers who have purchased the Blackfin have reported that the fit is as expected – 78%.

Price Range

These are not your typical drug store sunglasses for ten bucks. The polarization, materials, and company name mean that you’ll spend a bit more for the sunglasses. This is why it’s so vital to have a warranty with the company.

These sunglasses range in price from $109 – $258 depending on the frame and lens color.

Initial Overview

These stylish sunglasses have a wrap-around frame, which will keep the sun from entering through the sides and distorting your vision.

If you’re out on the water participating in water activities, spending the day on the beach, or fishing the end of the pier, the glasses you choose should stay secure even when water is dripping down your face.

The Costa Del Mar Blackfins have non-slip materials that will ensure that the sunglasses stay firmly in place, even when you’re fighting to reel in the big one.

The bio-resin frames make the sunglasses incredibly lightweight, which is great for times when you’re spending the entire day outdoors.  You don’t want to end up with a headache because of the weight of your glasses.

blackfin copper gunstock

Why Purchase Polarized Lenses?

One of the best features of the Blackfins is that you have a variety of lens colors available in polarized lenses.

They also claim a 99.9% polarization on their lenses, which is the highest available polarization. They are thinner and lighter than other polarized lenses on the market today.

When you’re near the water, the reflection of the sun on the surface will create intense glare.  It can often impair your vision, and even make it extremely uncomfortable.

When light reflects off the water, it polarizes horizontally, which creates the intense beams of sunlight.  The polarized lenses will block that light.

costa del mar blackfin

Sports Requiring Polarized Sunglasses – Best Lens Color for the Activity

When you’re participating in any of these activities, a general tan or copper lens will work better than no polarization at all.

If you want the best lens color for the specific activity, there are a few choices.

  • Wakeboarding
  • Surfing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Fishing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Jet Skiing
  • Boating
  • Beach Volleyball

Tan/Copper Lenses – These are great for cloudy or overcast days as well as bright, sunny ones.  They’re comfortable enough for you to wear all day.  Generally, they’re good for all activities, but you can get more specific coverage with other colors.

Brown – Medium to bright conditions will require brown lenses.  This makes it great for activities directly on the water like surfing or paddleboarding.

Gray – This is another general tint that’s good for different conditions and sunny, bright days.

Yellow – In dusk or dawn, yellow is a fantastic choice.  It enhances the available light to ensure you can see better.

Yellow lenses won’t work as well in bright conditions, but they’re great for fishing in the early mornings.

Should I Purchase Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses

These polarized lenses and lightweight, flexible frames make them a perfect choice for water and beach activities.

You’ll want to choose a color based on the activity, and since there are so many color frames, you can pick a stylish pair quite easily.

camo costa del mar blackfin

If you have a specific activity you enjoy on the water, pick the color that will best suit the environment.

For an all-purpose pair of sunglasses that will allow you to enjoy a sunny day at the beach, stick to brown or grey.

We highly recommend these sunglasses since they come in so many colors.  They’re well made and have a repair warranty with the company.


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