Coppertone WaterBabies Sunscreen SPF50 Review

[simple-author-box] Children need even more protection when they’re at the beach. You should never let babies or small children into the sun without applying sunblock to their exposed skin.

With this lotion spray, it’s much easier to ensure that their entire bodies are covered. They can’t stand patiently and allow you to apply lotion.

They’re in a constant state of movement. The spray can be applied quickly throughout the day to constantly moving children.

Feature Pick

Coppertone Waterbabies Sunscreen Quick Cover Lotion Spray Broad Spectrum Spf 50 (6 Ounce Per Bottle, Pack Of 2) (Packaging May Vary)

Features of the Coppertone WaterBabies Sunscreen SPF50

  • Broad spectrum protection
  • SPF 50
  • Spray coverage
  • Non-irritating
  • Gentle formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Moisturizing
  • PABA free
  • Pediatrician recommended

Broad-Spectrum Protection

A broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied to skin that doesn’t do well in the sun. Dangerous UV rays will only take a few minutes to burn a baby’s sensitive skin.

While you can protect their tiny heads and face with a sun hat, you’ll need to provide them with the strongest protection available for sunscreens.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen will have the ability to block UVA and UVB rays. That’s important when you’re choosing a sunscreen to keep baby’s skin protected from all the sun’s most dangerous radiation.

SPF 50 Protection

The sun protection level of 50 is a good amount that will protect your little one for hours. Each SPF number is meant to protect for a certain amount of time in the sun.

This one will protect your child for 500 minutes outdoors, but that’s only if they don’t swim, sweat, or wipe the lotion from their bodies.

It’s best to expect to reapply every hour or two while they’re outside playing. With a spray, it’s simple to reapply anyway.

Pediatrician Recommended

If your baby is less than 6 months old, they shouldn’t be exposed to the sun at all. For those that are older than 6 months, it’s important to use a sun hat, sunglasses and sun shirts.

Babies can become overheated and burn very quickly. It’s best to use a sun shade at the beach to keep little ones protected.

Toddlers and older children want to play in the sand or splash at the pool. Pediatricians recommend an SPF over 30 to ensure that they have the best protection possible.

This sunscreen has an SPF of 50, which provides 98% protection from the sun for hours. It should be reapplied frequently and liberally to ensure full coverage.


PABA stands for para-aminobenzoic acid. It’s an ingredient in many cosmetics and sunscreens that can cause irritation.

In some people, the ingredient can trigger serious allergies. It’s always best to use products that are PABA free, so you don’t have to worry about any problems.

In some serious cases, PABAs can cause liver problems. This is especially true if the lotion is absorbed daily and the person is susceptible to the chemicals.

Easy to Reapply

When you have children playing at the beach or the pool, it can be difficult to get them to come out of the water. Even if they are in the pool or the ocean, sunscreen should be applied frequently as it washes away over time.

This spray is easy to apply. You’ll need to avoid spraying it in their little faces. It should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area.

Stay out of the wind when applying this spray, so it doesn’t get whipped away by the wind, too. Spray enough for it to cover the skin completely and rub it in to be completely effective.

Have the child stand still covering his or her face. Spray the lotion liberally over their back, and legs. Don’t forget the front and the back of their body.

Have them hold their arms out away from their body. Apply lotion to their shoulders as well as fronts and backs of their arms. Shoulders are especially prone to burning. Rub the lotion into the skin to get the best protection.

Non-Irritating, Gentle Formula

This spray lotion is made especially for babies and little people who have more sensitive skin. It’s not irritating and will be especially gentle for them.

This spray has many ingredients that won’t irritate your little one’s skin. It’s mild while being incredibly protective. It’s got Vitamin E to moisturize the skin, too.

This is a hypoallergenic spray sunscreen that won’t irritate or cause an allergic reaction. It can be tough to know what to use for sunscreen since many of them have chemicals to ensure they’re blocking the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

This is a company that is often recommended by pediatricians around the world. It’s been around for a long time as a trusted sunscreen company that cares about its tiny customers.

You should always use sunscreen on your little ones. It’s best to keep babies out of the sun completely by using a sun umbrella, or sun lounger at the beach.

Don’t forget sun hats and clothing that will protect them from the sun. In older children, there’s no way you’ll get them to stay out of the sun. They’re playing in the sand, in the water, at the pool, or other outdoor activities.

About the author: Sariya is our resident tanning expert.  Being Turkish, she has a tendency to tan easily, which she considers a blessing. At the same time, Sariya minored in chemistry, so, when it comes to various lotions and bronzers, Siriya knows a thing or two.  As much as she loves her tan, she knows that sun safety is also very important.