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Clear Knee Mom Jeans WTF

The internet has a fascination with bizarre fashion pieces such as the UGGS, Crocs, and debatably, the cat ear trend.  Recently, the internet has banded together to retaliate against Topshop and their ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans.’  Users from all over the world were constantly posting about said jeans, and had collectively decided that they should be proclaimed as ‘the ugliest jeans of all time.’ The pants will also cost you a hefty $95.

What Are Clear Knee Mom Jeans And Are They For Real?

As to be expected, some more daring fashionistas praised Topshop and the Clear Knee Mom Jeans for being innovative, and swear by the fact that these jeans will be the new trend of 2017.

clear knee mom jeans

Most users, however, have written off the jeans completely, and call the concept “absolutely ludicrous” and “one of the most atrocious pieces to grace the fashion scene.’   Some people even went as far as to claim the jeans as the reason behind the end of world apocalypse. LOL.

I however, must add that I definitely do see what the creators at Topshop were thinking when they created these jeans.  Clear material is a new fashion trend that has been popping up literally everywhere on the scene.  Mom jeans have been a thing since the reintroduction of vintage clothing, and did ripped jeans ever really go out of style?  I tip my hat off to the innovators down at Topshop, but I cannot lie and applaud them for creating a successful concoction of trends.

Pros & Cons

On the plus side for potential buyers, the jeans are said to be very comfortable near the waist area and the denim feels ‘high quality.’ The clear knee panelling, however, is said to be ‘uncomfortable when it touches your skin.’ Not only this, but you also must be mindful of the wicked tan lines you would get if you wore these jeans out in the sun as well as the possibility of the panel fogging up due to sweat.  P.S. fogging up clear clothing when it is hot outside is very common… Just ask Kim Kardashian when she wears clear boots on a hot LA day…

You also must be mindful that when wearing these jeans; you can’t shave your ankles, and not the upper knee region of your legs. I can’t lie and say that I only shave near my ankles when I plan on wearing mom jeans, or if I plan on rolling up my jeans at the bottom.  For those who are not bothered by leg hair, and don’t mind showing it off in the panel of their jeans – power to you!

clear knee mom jeans wtf

Never Again?

As demonstrated by YouTuber Safiya Nygaard, when wearing the jeans for a week – she elicited a strong reaction from her fans. For the most part, her fans were in complete opposition to the jeans, and asked Nygaard to never wear them again.  However, some of the fans stated that the jeans were ‘kind of cute.’

A funny comment that Nygaard featured in her video that gave me a good laugh, reads, “those [ pants ] are disgusting… it looks like you stitched a plastic sandwich bag to denim you fiend.”

Overall, the jeans aren’t as bad as the internet is hyping them up to be.  Sure, the knee windows are very unpractical and probably cause more damage than score fashion points, but I can’t jump up and say I hate these jeans.  They’re daring and impractical, but isn’t everything else in the fashion industry doing the same thing?

But to be clear – I will not be adding these to my summer jean collection… Or any of my jean collections in general.

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