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Charlotte D’Alessio – 2017’s New Beach Babe

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It seems nowadays most aspiring actors, models, and singers are moving to L.A. to launch their new careers.  It makes sense – LA is a megacity and it has beautiful scenery and everything that means anything always seems to be happening in the city of angels.  It is rare however, to find a truly quality model in such a vast and prosperous city.  Every year, the modelling industries expectations are fluctuating and changing.  Thus, making the modelling market a constantly changing and demanding one.

Charlotte D’alessio is a humble Toronto native.  At only 18 years old, D’alessio has claimed herself a spot as one of LA’s leading upcoming socialites and models.  In 2015, D’alessio attended the music festival with her model BFF, Josie Canesco.  Below is the photograph that Bryant Eslava took of the two best friends partying it up at the music festival.

This seemingly simple photograph took social media by storm, and it seemed as though the whole world was scavenging to find the names of both girls.  When their names and social media handles were finally found; the girl’s follower count skyrocketed at an astronomical, and never before seen rate.

Now who exactly is Charlotte D’alessio really? 

Her father is a director, which led D’alessio to live a very action packed life.  She attended an all girls private school in Toronto, and does not neglect her Muskoka summer house, where she frequently goes to party.

The eighteen year old lives simply, as she states in her Youtube videos in collaboration with her BFF, Abby Champion.  D’alessio states she doesn’t really have a beauty regiment, and does not do anything to restrict her diet, and also does not frequently exercise.  She does, however, do Soul Cycle and recommends her fans to “drink lots of water.”

The green eyed bombshell also stays humble when it comes to her striking appearance, and advises her fans who wish to be models to “know [ their ] angles, because I look bad in 90% of them.”  She loves some of the older rocker bands, but also doesn’t neglect EDM.

D’alessio in regards to her type in boys says, “tan, green eyes and tall.” Many fans laughed at this comment because it perfectly describes upcoming model and L.A. native, Anwar Hadid.  Many fans speculated that the two were together due to their cosy pictures together, and the two seemed smitten.  There was no confirmation whether or not the two were an official thing, but one thing that their fans do know is that the pair got on great.

The green eyed Hadid even got a tattoo on his fingers of the letter, “CDXX”, which fans and friends had joked stood for Charlotte D’alessio, and was to represent the couples love.  It was confirmed by Anwar himself, that his tattoo just says 420 in roman numerals.

Whether D’alessio is single or not – we do know that she is one to keep an eye on.  With her captivating, but refreshing style, there is no doubt that D’alessio will be one of the leading millennials, who will be setting trends for the upcoming summer.

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