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Hitchhiking Safety Tips

I’m sure we’ve all been warned by someone that hitchhiking is unsafe. The majority of people don’t feel comfortable sticking their thumb out on the side of a highway, or picking up someone they spot hitchhiking. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. As someone who has traveled over 20,000 kms using hitchhiking alone, and made tons […]

Front Runner Flip Pop Tent Review

So, I have this picture of myself in my head, as Mom extraordinaire.  On a good day, I am multitasking efficiently, and my children are always polite, meticulously dressed and well cared for.  I cook the perfect nutritious meals, and I am always on schedule.  Any outing I arrange is planned, and methodically organized.  Every detail […]

How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack

If your next trip is going to look something like this, you really need to make the right choice when it comes to a backpack… No, not all of those activities are backpack-friendly, and they really aren’t so much the star of the show here, but you better believe that any trip of this sort is […]