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What Is Skimboarding?

Most of us have ridden a bicycle, and for some of us, it took a while to feel comfortable on the bike.  The winter sport of ice skating was another “balance” sport that takes some practice.  Water skiing and surfing are two sports that have a bit more danger to them, and in order to […]

Becoming A Surfer

April 13, 2016

So you want to become a surfer?  Here’s how you do it. Your first step is to watch other people surf.  You could start off by watching a surfing movie, or just go to the beach where people are surfing.  Indeed, maybe this is what brought you here in the first place – inspiration! At […]

The Human Surfboard – How To Body Surf

Body surfing has to be one of the purest sports around, with nothing between you and the powerful surge of the sea. It’s full of thrills (and spills).

Learning how to do it is usually simply a matter of monkey-see, monkey-do with a dash of trial and error mixed in. But as you experiment and practice, keep these pointers in mind.

What Are The Different Types Of Surfing Waves?

March 17, 2016

Surfing is challenging and great fun!  People surf world wide.  The art of surfing, or he’enalu in the Hawaiian language, was first described in 1769 by Joseph Banks on his ship, the HMS Endeavour, back in the days of Captain Cook.  As he explored the Pacific, I am sure he experienced many different kinds of […]

Cave Surfing

March 14, 2016

Cave surfing, also known as rock barrel surfing, is basically when a surfer catches a wave near the entrance of a cave, and rides it through the cave, and then out the other side.  You obviously don’t want to surf into a cave that just goes in deeper and gets darker and narrower.  That’s a […]

Top 10 Surf Spots In Florida

March 12, 2016

In the search for the best and most excellent surf spots, we move to the south-east coast of America. Florida the warm state surrounded with the mighty waters of the Atlantic on the east and the Mexican Gulf on the west, and destination for travelers around the world.  But we can practically see you grabbing your Mr. […]

The History Of Surfing

Did you know that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing?  It happened back in 1779 when the first known written document about surfing was made just a few months after the death of the famous explorer, Captain Cook. The author of the text about surfing or he’e nalu, (which means to slide on the waves) […]

9 Best Places To Surf In Hawaii

March 9, 2016

Jaws, Maui Jaws, or as they call it Pe’ahi in Hawaiian, is the biggest, and perhaps the most dangerous surf spot you can find in Hawaii.  Imagine a blue beastly wave with a height of 120 feet (rumor has it, we don’t claim anything for sure) that just teases you and your board to go […]