swimming on your period

Auntie Maureen’s Quick Guide to Swimming on your Period

You may have noticed that when you get in the shower or go swimming, your period has stopped. Psyche. Surprise to you my friend, because sadly, it has not stopped. The water in the shower creates the illusion that it has stopped because of its constant flow downwards. While in a swimming pool, lake, or …

becoming a surfer

Becoming A Surfer

So you want to become a surfer?  Here’s how you do it. Your first step is to watch other people surf. You could start off by watching a surfing movie, or just go to the beach where people are surfing.  Indeed, maybe this is what brought you here in the first place – inspiration! At …

learn how to body surf

The Human Surfboard – How To Body Surf

Body surfing has to be one of the purest sports around, with nothing between you and the powerful surge of the sea. It’s full of thrills (and spills).

Learning how to do it is usually simply a matter of monkey-see, monkey-do with a dash of trial and error mixed in. But as you experiment and practice, keep these pointers in mind.