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How Do Dive Computers Work?

October 16, 2016

To be an exceptional diver, commercial divers must be prepared and have a plan when they submerge, in order to get their tasks completed responsibly, without jeopardizing their safety.  Divers can work in many job fields, such as welding, repairing ships, construction, and various kinds of inspection.  Other divers even specialize in photography and exploratory studies […]

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Facial Sunscreen Review

Most health care providers believe that all humans over the age of 6 months should be wearing sunscreen.  The world today is a hotter place.  The ozone layer around the Earth is thinning, and the sun’s rays are feeling stronger.  We all need to protect ourselves.   Beach Baby believes that every individual should buy the sunscreen […]

Prevent Melanoma By Using The Right Suncreen – A Quick Report

The Environmental Working Group, better known as the EWG for short, is a non profit advocacy group in the United States founded in 1992 by Ken Cook, and located in Washington D.C..  This organization specializes in research areas such as toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate accountability. They have been helping all the […]

Practice Safe Sun

August 6, 2016

As children, rules regarding staying protected from the sun were engraved into our minds.  Our watchful parents (usually mom) routinely slathered us with sunscreen for those days she knew we would be faced with the sun.  Looking back, I couldn’t be more thankful for the institualization of practicing safe sun, because we all want to look young, and […]