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The History Of Sunglasses Plus Tips

September 22, 2016

Inuit peoples in prehistoric times used flattened walrus ivory, and fashioned it into a type of eye lens to block out the sun with the help of animal hides, such as sealskin.  They found that that technique made seeing easier when the sun was really bright!  Also, since the snow in the Arctic can obviously […]

The Evolution Of Kayaking

Definition The word kayak means “man’s boat” or “hunter ship”, as they were first developed in northern regions of the world for the purpose of hunting and exploring.   Kayaks were originally a one-person boat, and at one time they were expressly built by and for the hunter with the help of his wife, who sewed the […]

The History Of Surfing

Did you know that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing?  It happened back in 1779 when the first known written document about surfing was made just a few months after the death of the famous explorer, Captain Cook. The author of the text about surfing or he’e nalu, (which means to slide on the waves) […]