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How Do Triglycerides Affect The Body?

What Are Triglycerides? Triglycerides are a type of fat or lipid found in your blood.  A triglyceride contains a glycerol unit and 3 fatty acid chains.  Where Do They Come From & What Do They Do? Your body uses triglycerides for energy that you can use to do…well, anything you want!   One place they come from is your […]

Can Stress Alone Make You Gain Weight?

Have you ever wondered if stress alone can make you gain weight? The answer to that question is, perhaps surprisingly, yes. Often, it comes down to the choices you make while you’re stressed. Sometimes, you might find yourself tossing back cookies and chips while driving the kids around to activities. Stress can cause you to […]

Ketosis Diet Food List

A ketogenic diet is one that strives to put the body in a ketosis state. This happens when you are on a low-carb or no-carb diet. The body uses energy from blood sugar or fat stores. When there isn’t enough sugars in the blood stream for that energy, the body begins to burn fat for […]

Where Do Cravings Come From?

Food cravings can be the destroyer of a healthy diet. If you’ve ever been dieting and found yourself with an overwhelming urge for potato chips or sweets, you’re not alone. During a diet, you could be depriving yourself of certain elements that make you crave them, but there might be other reasons for your cravings. […]

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