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Goodbye Victoria’s Secret – Hello Triangl

In high school, I remember around summertime, a huge topic of discussion would be Triangl bikinis.  Girls would show up to school with pairs of these bikinis, and they would trade them off to one another as if they were pokemon cards.  Sadly enough, the amount of Triangl bikini’s you owned defined how in season […]

Debunking Kylie Jenner’s KyMajesty

You most likely have seen at least one of the many youtube videos uploaded by angry users who were unimpressed, and disappointed by Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipstick, KyMajesty.  The videos provided a useful outlook and opinion on the eighteen year old’s metal liquid lipstick, that had recently been creating a storm on the internet, much […]

How to Sport Gigi Hadid’s Beach Bombshell Locks

July 19, 2016

A look that has been showcased by some of the fashion industry’s hottest icons is the seemingly perfect tousled beach waves look.  This hairstyle manages to present a sexy, and sleek style while still remaining simple and drama free. Gigi Hadid, a twenty one year old supermodel who has been seen strutting down the runway […]

Bikini and Swimwear Trends 2016

As always, as each year’s summer season rolls by, a new swimwear trend rises to the surface. In 2015, we noticed experimenting with 3D prints, longline bikini tops, and sheer pieces were in season.   However, 2016 has been the year of embracing a large array of body types, and romanticizing previous trends whilst adding […]