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A Review of the Kylie Cosmetics – Kylighters

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring was all the craze in 2014.  Contouring is essentially using makeup to mimic the natural shadows you may find on your face. The aim of contouring is to redefine and slender certain features.  Contouring is commonly used on the sides of a nose to make the nose appear smaller, on […]

What Is “Into The Gloss?”

I have decided to create this article as an explorative, but informational piece.  Recently, a close friend of mine ( Instagram : Tgomesxo ) recommended something called “Into The Gloss.”  It sounded familiar, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. Instead of browsing the site alone ( I’m not entirely sure if it is […]

Met Gala 2017 Worst Dressed Fashion Fails

    On Monday, May 2nd of 2017, the infamous Met Gala held another thriving ball that was action packed with more celebrities than you could ever dream of.  This years theme just happened to be “avant-garde” which held a vast amount of dressing opportunities for its attendees. This years guest list was filled with […]

Burkinis At The Beach

August 20, 2016

Male officials in Paris France are dictating what women can wear at the beach.  Many people are agreeing with them.  French mayors are banning the body-encompassing burkini swimsuit. France’s secular political class claims that burkinis subjugate women, which is unacceptable with the country’s motto of celebrating equality and freedom for all.  Many Muslim women disagree.  […]