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Is Coachella Worth The Money?

    Coachella is the music festival of the year. It is the most hyped up festival and has a star studded attendees list as well as a sprinkle of your day to day citizen. The festival has been known for its dessert scenery and its extensive list of in demand and captivating performers. But…is […]

Clear Knee Mom Jeans WTF

The internet has a fascination with bizarre fashion pieces such as the UGGS, Crocs, and debatably, the cat ear trend.  Recently, the internet has banded together to retaliate against Topshop and their ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans.’  Users from all over the world were constantly posting about said jeans, and had collectively decided that they should be […]

American Apparel Is Closing Down and This is Not a Drill

American Apparel, without a doubt, has been one of the most iconic brands for the millennial generation.  They have always been very eccentric in their advertising and have encouraged uniqueness.  In fact, some of their campaigns and ads were so risky, that their website was banned  for being ‘over sexual’ or ‘blatantly encouraging / suggesting inappropriate […]

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